2016 Sichuan nternational Cultural Tourism Festival

The development of

culture can effectively promote the development of economy, and it plays an important role in the local economic construction. 2016 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival held, will further promote the development of the characteristics of the tourism industry in Sichuan, is of great significance!

6 29, the reporter from the Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival press conference was informed that from July 23rd to 28, the 2016 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival will be held in Liangshan. The current tourism festival in the beautiful Sichuan Liangshan colorful · · holiday paradise "as the theme, aims to promote the integration of media festival, tourism and cultural depth, enhance the image of Sichuan, Liangshan to build the brand, promote tourism economy in Sichuan province and the world tourism destination construction.

the cultural tourism festival will be held in the tourism festival opening ceremony, Sichuan tourism commodity exhibition, welcome guests theatrical performances, Liangshan inspection tours and other 8 main activities. Among them, this year’s Yi torch Carnival will be included in the tourism festival to become one of the projects, visitors will experience the unique charm of the Oriental carnival.

will also be held during the event, local global Liangshan tourism development conference, Liangshan Yi scenery real "A Reniu", Xichang Qionghai sea Festival and other 8 major supporting activities, and through the Liangshan race car assembly and driving experience activities, Liangshan Yi traditional beauty pageant, the 2016 Sichuan Liangshan rural tourism culture festival activities experience and 20 supporting activities.

to increase the packaging of tourism projects, efforts to promote the brand and characteristics of the development of the tourism industry group, expand the space for development of tourism in Sichuan during the event, will also invite 180 domestic and foreign enterprises and Tourism Organization on behalf of the "big Shangri-La Mosuo Tour", "Cold Mountain Yi style tour and inspection tours. At the same time, held "Sichuan Muli in the Rock 900 core area of Shangri-La special tourism project development seminar held in Sichuan, · Liangshan health industry seminars, in-depth study of the development of Sichuan tourism new routes, route.

Why would

the cultural tourism festival Lazi Liangshan? According to the Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival, the person in charge, the current tourism festival held in Liangshan, located in the core of Shangri-La International Eco tourism area, the representative scenic spots as many as 160, natural and cultural landscape resources all over the world, has the characteristics of diversity, uniqueness, is the potential advantages of Sichuan tourism.

at present, the state of Liangshan existing 4A grade scenic spots 5, A-level scenic spot 16. Xichang Qionghai wetland successfully created the National Tourism Resort, Lugu Lake successfully created the provincial tourism resort. "12th Five-Year" period, Liangshan cumulative total tourism income of 75 billion 362 million yuan, only in 2015, statewide total tourism revenue to achieve 25 billion 166 million yuan, the same recommendation

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