Choose a good cold drink business in the summer

many people have the idea of entrepreneurship, want to start, but do not know what the project choice is better, in fact this season choose cold projects in the areas of business should be very good, have a cold car in the summer can be rapid absorption of gold, and low investment cost, investment risk is very small, want to understand the specific situation then please see. Analysis of

and this flow bingche model is effective in solving the problem, which saves the cost of rent, increase profits, and will expand the business scope, earn more profit, especially for the two or three line of the city’s grassroots investors.

minimum investment of 9800 yuan, including related equipment. Average gross profit margin of more than 65%. To ordinary sweet tube, for example, the market retail price of 3 yuan, the cost price of only $0.5.

1, the investment risk on the market at present there are a lot of flowing ice to join the project. According to the general experience, who joined the competition all is a good project, but there is certainly a lot of stores are not reliable, so it is best to find the franchisee has many years of professional experience in the Ministry of Commerce and the record companies to join.

2, a unit of poor quality, it is best to find entrepreneurs to buy products have proved to be the normal operation of the car purchase. Otherwise, it is easy to buy the machine can not be used or used soon, a waste of time and money.

3, the car business in line with the current ice flow careful law, many places are not allowed to stall.

4, Taobao is also selling ice flow. Analysis on investment summer beverage market

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