Business students welcome good retention in school after the start

now our country for college students entrepreneurship which one can say that is still very important, and also give a lot of very good policies and measures, recently, "opinions" on deepening the reform of higher education has also warmly welcomed by the students in the whole society.

On deepening the reform of higher education innovation and entrepreneurship education to implement the views of


"compulsory course for all students to develop open research methods, frontier, entrepreneurial base, employment guidance and elective courses should be included in the credit management, the construction of specialized courses, followed by progressive organic convergence, scientific innovation and entrepreneurship education group." This is the office of the State Council issued 13 opinions of the clear requirements.!

"opinions" pointed out that all localities and all colleges and universities to employ well-known scientists, successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other professional courses, as innovation and entrepreneurship classes or teachers, to form a national 000 outstanding innovative entrepreneurship talent pool.

"opinions" stressed that all colleges and universities should strengthen the professional laboratory, virtual laboratory, lab recommended

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