Venture to avoid what pits

in such an era, many people are advocating entrepreneurship, countless people are moving towards this path. In short, for entrepreneurship, this is the best of times, but also the worst of times. Now this wave of entrepreneurship, look behind the scenery infinite, how many false men were removed from them? Coerced opinion advocating and different demands of the chase, how many people will therefore soar or sink?

would like to dedicate this article to those real entrepreneurs.

venture was originally a very lonely, very hard to force things, but now the business is obviously too busy.

I started in late 2010, nearly 5 years to do a total of three companies. Remember that time is also under the call of the government, all over the country are set up Venture Park, which also spawned a wave of entrepreneurial boom. I was at that time was screened into the Venture Park, and now over the years, I am still on the road of entrepreneurship, and then that very noisy entrepreneurial park, has long ceased to exist.

I do not know whether all of the people will ask themselves before starting a business, why do I want to start a business? My answer is if I don’t start it, I will be born with regret, death and shake. In fact, entrepreneurship is a process of trial and error, it is not important that you choose what industry entrepreneur, is important to you in a trial and error after also continue to adhere to the direction of entrepreneurship. Ma Yun is not the beginning of Taobao, he is also in the trial and error after still adhere to the business, and finally find out the direction. So, the most important thing is not what you do, but whether you can adhere to the business, in the final analysis, the business should be in order to start a business".

for entrepreneurship, this is the best of times, but also the worst of times.

on the one hand, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and profound changes in traditional industries, the release of a large number of business opportunities, entrepreneurial infrastructure is also more perfect. For example, today I build a website at least do not have to spend hundreds of thousands to buy a server.

on the other hand, the best of times doesn’t mean you’re more likely to succeed. Venture and the probability of failure of any era are almost the same, and now even higher. Now because of social change too fast, the original entrepreneurs across the reef we will encounter embarrassment now, not the original trap we have shunned, such as financing, such as for a variety of purposes to boast of Congress, for example, blossom everywhere incubator, such as ignorant of the college students.

financing for the purpose of entrepreneurship, doomed to failure

I’ve seen more than one project collapsed because of lack of financing. The popular situation is that the number of people recommended to convene

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