Clothing store market positioning

no matter what kind of shop we run, find a good positioning is the most important work. However, for the current number of shops, positioning is not really good to do, especially the market positioning, will include a number of content. So, clothing store market positioning include?

. Commodity positioning style: before deciding to open clothing store, we should first consider the style of goods. There are many kinds of commodities, which can be carried out in the form of a single brand of goods, and can also be used to carry out the structural planning of the commodity group.

. Product positioning: clothing store goods according to different classification criteria with different classification methods. For example, according to the style, can be divided into men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing; according to the price, can be divided into low, medium and high; according to style, can be divided into popular, OL.

‘business location: This is a necessary step to open clothing store. Which format is most suitable to open the shop? Is located in the department store counters, the small size of the high-end clothing stores, or general business area of the store, or affordable clothing store? Is the way to direct shop, or a chain store? The new entrants can according to their own business decision.

The positioning strategy of

*: common brand store most have adopted a single brand positioning and locking operation. For the non brand image of the bulk clothing stores are generally taken to lock the price positioning. The relatively small size of the clothing store, limited funds and space, to counter management, consignment management or direct purchase of the direct way.

The purpose of

market positioning is to determine the image or location of the clothing store in the minds of consumers. Through market positioning, communication retail related products, price, service, business philosophy, management style, the overall image of the marketing information to consumers, retail stores for hunting target customers clear perception disorder. Such as low price stores, discount stores to attract their target customers at low prices, designer clothing store with its designer’s reputation or style to attract a specific consumer groups, casual clothing stores are popular to attract fashion seekers.

do a good job in the early positioning, for the operation of the entire store will have a different role, because of this, in the current market operations, numerous shopkeepers will be so focused on positioning. So, if you open a clothing store, you know what to do the market positioning work?

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