Make travel easier for Zigong to adjust the bus

in our life, with the development of economy, communication between people is becoming more and more closely, so go out to do the bus is a common thing, but the bus is convenient also has a series of problems, in order to make travel more convenient, Zigong adopted a new strategy for the adjustment of bus. The first is to optimize the line adjustment. Revised "bus" 13th Five-Year "development plan", the central city bus lines 45, 56 set by station and 730 bus distribution to conduct a comprehensive investigation demonstration, completed 19 line adjustment.

To promote the construction of station

. Complete the osmanthus street along the site location and harbour style design, added East International site; promote the Shu Ping bus stop security field, on the east side of Qishan overpass is inserted at the end of the first station construction site selection and design of the station.

explore one vote transfer". In Chongqing, Chengdu city center free of charge transfer work experience; organization of Municipal People’s Congress and CPPCC members, members of the public to collect opinions and suggestions on transfer analysis; free or preferential transfer required financial subsidies.

to make travel more convenient, Zigong to adjust the bus, the proposed intelligent operation, so that the management of public transport more convenient and convenient, which is a very positive thing. Intelligent centralized scheduling, line operation, visual management monitoring car safety, through LCD, LED, "the bus" mobile phone APP timely release vehicle arrival information, facilitate travel. In the future people’s travel will be more convenient, the bus can be better for the masses of the people of high quality service.

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