Zhang Shuai had missed the semi finals has reached a new height of occupation career

China players Zhang Shuai first entered the Grand Slam quarterfinals at this year’s Australian Open Competition, occupation career reached a new height, but in yesterday’s game after Zhang Shuai missed the semi-finals, the end of the Australian tour.

breakout from qualifying, Fifteenth times Grand Slam match Zhang Shuai beat halep finally achieved victory. Even then, Conert Lepp senchenko and Keith, into the quarterfinals of the Chinese girl became the most wonderful story of australia. Zhang Shuai returned to the 66 place in the real world, there is another round of opportunity, her opponent today is the British dark horse hole tower. Two people in the past two matches each victory, who can overcome the tension play prior to the brave state, will continue to refresh the record.

At the beginning of

however tenacious did not disarm, resolve in the eighth three inventory, China girl back breaking success. Then withstand the pressure to hold serve, Zhang Shuai chase the score into 4-5. At this time the game into a white hot, hole tower in the second serve wins the plate and get the inventory two times, but Zhang Shuaijun successfully recovered. But the British girl still maintain a high level of play, the ball saved two break points, against Zhang Shuai’s confidence. In this game the sixth count, the British girl in the aces, he won the first set 6-4 victory.

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