Seven survivors of Malaga who descended two years ago

first_imgOn April 19, it was two years since Málaga’s embarrassing mathematical descent to the Second Division. It occurred with five days in advancen, after losing in the City of Valencia against Levante with a goal in the last breath scored by Boateng. That disastrous season, Perpetrated by Abdullah Al Thani, it was another chapter of the unbridled race of troubles and misfortunes to which this club is subjected by the management (?) of the horrific Twitter president and his idle children, sybarites on all trains and, in their free ratillos, directors of the entity.Málaga used two coaches, Míchel and José González and 37 soccer players, 37! It is said fast. Of this cast, only seven remain. They are Cifu, Diego González, Luis Hernández, Juankar, Adrián, Juanpi and Esteban Rolón. The first six have had discontinuous prominence motivated by injuries. In fact Cifu has left his starting position on the right side to Ismael Casas. Accumulate 2028 minutes spread over 25 games. Adrian, the captain adds 1,891 minutes (22 games). Juankar had found some stability after leaving behind his long streak of injuries (1,932 minutes, 25 games).Diego González, left-handed centerback, has been forced to help as a left-back (1,628 minutes, 22 games), while Juanpi was struggling to get out of his tunnel and began to emerge (1,579 minutes in 24 games). The most used is Luis Hernández, who has played 28 games (2,408 minutes). The case of Esteban RolónThe case of Esteban Rolón is particular. The Argentine was personally signed by Al Thani upon payment of 3.2 million euros. He has only played with Malaga for 515 minutes, 415 in 2017-18 and 90 this season (matches only, 7 and 2) is a problem for the club that has been trying to find a way out for some time. His contract ends in 2022.But there is another significant example of that deplorable season. Only seven footballers of that squad left money in Malaga after being transferred Roberto Rosales (one million euros from Leganés), Recio (two million from Leganés), En Nesyri (5.3 million from Leganés), Paul Baysse (one million from Girondins de Bordeaux), Fede Ricca (three million from Brujas) and Ontiveros (7.5 million from Villarreal). The rest nothing. Miguel Torres withdrew, others returned from a loan, some of them dilapidated like that of Ideye that came out through a kidney. Another season to forget, with the worst to come.last_img

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