1×1 of Madrid: brilliant Isco and Modric, disappeared Bale

first_imgModric: the Croatian took, together with Isco, the command of Madrid in its most difficult moments during the first half. Acting as a right-handed interior, he looked for everything he could to Bale, but the Welshman did not help him, so he ended up looking more at the left-handed flank or Carvajal. Without attending any goal, he was present in three of them: he served the corner that ended in the 1-3, left Benzema on the front so that Lucas would do the 1-3 and also threw Valverde to give it to Jovic in 1-4.Isco: next to Modric, architect of the white comeback in the first half; It hit Madrid when it was the worst. He lacks to find that driving rhythm that he had years ago that also made him harmful as a dribbler, but he supplied it with good driving and, above all, with a great goal to tie. His technical gesture was beautiful and precise. His good game extended to the second half, giving air to the white game when Osasuna squeezed for the tie. He left in 82 ’, leaving the site to Vinicius.Bale: If this is what you have to offer, a lot more bench and harrow awaits you than grass in the remainder of the season. His first half was very weak, starting on the right and failing easy passes, losing balls and giving air to Osasuna. Unable to overflow, he went to the area to look for one-touch shots, but he was also heavy there. And yet, he enjoyed a golden occasion at a Carvajal center that finished high, with everything in favor. The tie to one arose after a defective clearance in a dispute in which he sought the ball, his only contribution before the break. The tonic continued after the break and was the first change, leaving the site to Lucas Vázquez in 71 ’.Benzema: useful in the game of backs to exit in the first minutes, turned to the left to try to create the overflow that Mendy can not generate by itself, although without luck. In attack, little for him, just a distant shot with his left foot, a header in a small area that went very high and a shot in the area that met an opponent, an action in which Madrid claimed hand. He showed his most altruistic version, throwing the white cons. He served a good ball to Valverde in one of those races and then gave the 1-3 to Lucas Vázquez to seal the victory.Lucas Vázquez: He left in 71 ‘by Bale and improved by much to the Welshman, in defensive involvement and also giving continuity to the white plays. He found the prize with 1-3, well resolved on his part and served on a silver platter by Benzema.Vinicius: He left 82 ‘for Isco, with very little time to show up. Even so, he gave him a chance to try his luck a couple of times.Jovic: it came out in 88 ’by Benzema. Change to waste time that the Serbian was able to take advantage, marking the 1-4 of wild volleyball, pass Valverde. Courtois: He supported a Madrid who went to El Sadar asleep with a stop to Rubén García in the 4 ’. Ten minutes later, he could do little before the unappealable header of Unai García with whom Osasuna came forward. In the second half Casemiro saved him from 2-2, clearing a low shot from Rubén García in which the Belgian was already defeated. Air space dominated well.Carvajal: all the right lane for him, because Bale started there but got tired soon and decided to go to the point of attack. The Leganés served an excellent Welsh ball that he did not know how to take advantage of, with everything in favor. In defense, he suffered a lot in the first minutes with the increases in Estupiñán. Already in the second half, he put a blank ball to Benzema that in French crashed into an opponent (Madrid claimed a possible hand to Gil Manzano).Varane: Well dominating the airspace and giving out the ball with its long circulations, when Osasuna tightened. A shot failed only before a beaten goalie, although the action was canceled out of play.Bouquets: as Varane, well to contain Arnaiz and Rubén García, although in a hurry in the first minutes. Gil Manzano forgave a very clear yellow for a hard tackle on Rubén García. Madrid gained weight as time progressed and he was able to gain more prominence to advance the line and join the white team. He closed the first half with another of his important goals, heading in a small area a pass, also from testa, Casemiro.Mendy: capable of participating in the attack and, just a few seconds later, covering a red-light counterattack. The difference with Marcelo is abysmal, however much the Frenchman does not have nor will he have any fantasy of the Brazilian. Even so, he constantly joined the attack, combining with Benzema by his flank, although not harming.Casemiro: The game started with a big mistake, losing the mark of Unai García that would end with the 1-0 of Osasuna. He redeemed himself with the passing of the minutes, blocking the reddish game on the white front, giving out driving and with long displacements and, above all, attending Ramos in 1-2, with a header after corner in which he did not could the desire to want to mark and yes the intelligence of knowing where the Sevillian was. To crown his match, he saved the 2-2 in a shot of Rubén García that was inside and that the Brazilian diverted enough, with Courtois beaten.Valverde: loose first part of the Uruguayan, a player made to move in large spaces, where his display looks. In El Sadar there were in the first minutes, when Osasuna pressed up and uncovered behind, but Valverde could not find his place. He did it in the final stretch of the first half, shyly. In the second half he accompanied the white kicks to appear as improvised nine and was about to find the prize, especially at the pass of Benzema. That prize came in the form of assistance to Jovic, in the extension.last_img

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