Xining city west land tax simplification process

simplify the five accreditation process, the field investigation before the tax registration, tax registration that can handle…… The day before, west of the City Local Taxation Bureau in order to further optimize the tax service, for the convenience of taxpayers, the tax registration process for bold reform, greatly simplify the registration process, to apply for the enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households tax registration is no longer for a long time and links to spend time and effort.

, I did not expect to get a card so soon, but it will take several days before it." Just five or six minutes to handle the tax registration certificate of Ms. Liu in the West District Local Taxation Tax Service Hall can not help but praise.

the taxpayers for tax registration, need to go through the five accreditation process and seven working days from the taxpayer service hall table, through field investigation, the tax administrator identification bureau approval of multi-channel formalities to wait seven days to get the tax registration certificate. Now the newly established enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, as long as the handle business registration, tax registration can hold relevant information directly to the tax service hall of accreditation window for tax registration certificate, tax registration certificate issued by the first window, the taxpayers for tax registration namely to do.

simplify the registration process reform in the west, for the convenience of taxpayers, tax bureau will administrator on-the-spot investigation into accreditation, the information provided is not accurate, false information found in the verification, the Bureau will immediately declared the tax registration certificate for the void. (author: Wei Tinglan

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