Ecotourism highlighting the new charm of JPMorgan Chase

from the Qinghai capital of Xining, along the national highway 227 Line Road North Road, you will be surprised to find that straight on both sides of the road, the poplars from a wild profusion of vegetation on the border of Xining Kang Jiacun has been extended to the mountainous winding Daban mountain, woven into the Beichuan river a green green ecological corridor.

according to statistics, Datong County forest coverage of 38.1%, ranking first in the province. Although this figure is smaller than the rest of the country, it seems insignificant. But in the alpine zone, the population is relatively concentrated in Hehuang Valley, this is a very worthy of reassuring numbers.

chase, the county a total area of 3090 square kilometers, the territory of natural forest is numerous, lush vegetation, and alpine meadow steppe wide cloth, everywhere created the ecological landscape of the picturesque scenery, won the "xiadou ecological garden" and "Xining garden" reputation.

scenic development in the planning and protection of

tourism industry has a phrase: to make the fake real, can not really fake.

as the great beauty of Qinghai tourism brand is out of the door called the world, just across the province to build their own tourism brand, competing development, familiar with the Datong there seems to be some loss, the last century in 70s and 80s once renowned tourist County in the Northwest Plateau in twenty-first Century, tourism like a raging fire today, but why is this "low-key" and quiet, and even some stagnant?

in fact, today’s Datong tourism is not in a helpless dilemma, not because of the development of the characteristic is not obvious, has come to a standstill. As the summer capital of Xining a pure ecological conservation, Datong are very knowledgeable about it valuable, to protect ecological treasure one quiet, for fear of the dazzling "jade" because of the excessive development, resulting in "ecological fracture".

is based on the above reasons, Datong County Government and the tourism sector has been to follow the "planning in advance, timely and appropriate development" principle, from 2009 onwards, commissioned by the Institute of tourism planning domestic authoritative qualification carefully prepared "tourism development planning" Datong County in 12th Five-Year, in the "planning" under the guidance of the construction of tourist facilities scenic area based orderly, gradually increase the level of service area.

The national Forest Park of is a scenic area of Zhangjiajie, which is known as the Qinghai Tibet Plateau because of its magnificent and magnificent natural landscape". 2012, when the scenic spots in the creation of the national 3A level scenic spots, Datong County, the tourism sector and the forestry sector has always respected the little building more care, the ecological philosophy, to create scenic spots. In addition to the establishment of some of the necessary environmental protection in the trash, attractions and simple signs along the plank road, across the bridge, there is no construction of the landscape and the landscape is not coordinated. In order to maintain the scenic natural landscape, Chahansala River Scenic Area Management Office on a wooden "originally built in the bed of the bridge was dismantled. In November 2012, the scenic area of the;

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