s the air fresh The city will build observation

How much of the negative oxygen ions in the air are beneficial to our body every day? How is the air fresh? The reporter learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, at present, our city has reached an agreement with the State Forestry Bureau of ecological monitoring center, the construction of negative oxygen ion observation station in the city in the forest and the city in the observation station is completed, the city will be able to explain to the public using the monitoring data, clearly!

at present, the city is still a positive declaration of National Forest Ecosystem Research Station of city level location, the station if approved construction, will be long-term monitoring in the forest environment, climate, soil, water circulation and vegetation status, including PM2.5, heavy metals in soil and water and soil conservation and other indicators of public concern.

according to the plan, the city will be located in the city and the forest area is located in the negative oxygen ion observation points 1 and 3, on a regular basis in the urban area and the negative oxygen ion content observation. Negative oxygen ions in the air, "air vitamin", "longevity" reputation. City forestry technical personnel, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the city health organization, negative oxygen ion concentration per cubic centimeter 1000 to 1500 when the air is very fresh, the body feels the most comfortable in this environment. Not only that, negative oxygen ions have the initiative ability to capture PM2.5, maker of forest is the negative oxygen ions, especially forest, park planted a lot of trees, not only can absorb carbon dioxide, have effect on the absorption of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, so it can reduce the concentration of PM2.5.

this year, the city will actively declare national urban forest ecosystem positioning observation station, the station has three functions, namely, data collection, testing and scientific research assessment. At present, the province has been the construction of forest ecological positioning observation station 6, which set up a number of Datong County, the station site is steadily advancing the work of the establishment of 1. Observation of forest ecosystem research station will be the city through the observation and study of long-term, city of different forest types of structure and function of forest vegetation in different city, expounds the functions and effects of city forest on Purification of atmospheric environment of regional ecological environment quality, comprehensive scientific evaluation of city forest service function, to provide technical support for further for the city layout, city management and city planning of forest ecological environment etc..


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