Open bus lanes have four problems

Non motorized vehicles only

Xining city bus lanes will be opened after the news release, the public are looking forward to. However, the reporter found that after the opening of the bus lanes in Xining is also facing many problems. One problem: how to deal with the parking lane? I initially planned in Kunlun Road, Lake Road, Zhang Ning Road, Qaidam Road four road non motorized road opened bus lanes, bus lines involving a total of 46, including 29 bus, city transportation company 17. However, the reporter saw in the Sea Lake Road, the road is not full of all kinds of motor vehicles within the motor vehicle, has become a parking lot. If the bus lanes opened, the vehicle parked above must be cleared out. The Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market has not yet been relocated, parking demand is huge, so clean up these parked vehicles need to spend enormous energy, if handled improperly, bus lanes there will still be a social vehicle docking, the impact of traffic. Problem two: failure to do? The four way is to use the existing non motorized vehicles to set the bus lanes, due to the original design, non motorized road is not spacious, can only accommodate a bus pass, if the bus fault occurs in the lane, the back of the car can not bypass, is bound to cause a wide range of congestion. This happens after only route through the bypass bus. The three problem: what should I do? In the bus lane, if a pedestrian crossing the road causing the accident, how to divide the responsibility? If the accident occurred due to the car in front of the bus route when driving, and how to divide the responsibility? Question four: turn left at the intersection of illegal? According to the design requirements of the road, bus lanes can be set on the right side of the road, but some buses need to turn left at the lane after leaving, according to the existing provisions are not in the lane, should belong to illegal behavior, but the illegal behavior is really a bit unjust. It is understood that the reference to the current Beijing, Shanghai and other cities to set the bus lanes, bus lanes should be fully closed road, but also can accommodate two lanes of public transport bus side by side. At the same time, the mainland many buses have been installed in front of the public security organ to monitor the probe, can judge whether the vehicle lane use social monitoring probe, also as the vehicle lane is illegal. According to the reporter, in view of the above problems, the relevant departments are actively investigating, and strive to come up with a practical solution, so that the city bus lanes opened early. (author: Zhao Linsong)

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