Multi sectoral initiatives to boost the power sector to promote the construction of the new village

  in May 17th, the electricity service personnel came to Huangyuan County, Heping Township, white water village for the villagers to provide on-site inspection services.
white water to village relocation by power project is one of the 2012 Huangyuan county power supply company service relocation of 12 villages project, these villages located in brain Hill inaccessible areas, with the government to promote and implement poverty alleviation projects, for these areas of immigration projects have been started. State Grid Qinghai electric power company unified deployment, with a total investment of 6 million 528 thousand yuan, to ensure investment in place, service quality. In order to ensure a smooth and orderly implementation of the relocation project, residents living electricity production timely, adequate, Huangyuan county power supply company to establish power supply professional groups, on the one hand to strengthen communication with the county government, timely understand the relocation site, check the relocation information; on the other hand in the construction of deep investigation village construction scale, reasonable prediction of electricity demand, repeated discussion construction scheme, in the shortest possible time to formulate promotion funds and programs to meet local conditions and long-term development of the project implementation, to boost the power grid construction projects and rural residents relocation project implementation simultaneously. The

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