Xining emergency medical treatment program to start multi point prevention and control of a joint fl

September 21st, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau launched an emergency based on a flow of medical treatment scheme, health law enforcement and supervision departments to act quickly, strengthen health and safety inspections of medical institutions, schools, hotels, hotels, construction sites and other crowded places, to prevent the spread of swine flu.

it is understood that the health supervision departments at all levels will be to carry out a comprehensive medical waste disposal, registration of infectious disease report, the fever outpatient triage setting norms, medical equipment and disinfection, personal protective measures for medical staff, school absenteeism, morning afternoon inspection, registration of infectious disease, infectious disease prevention and control knowledge training, the implementation of prevention and control system of infectious diseases the classroom, ventilation and disinfection of public places practitioners of infectious disease prevention and control knowledge, disinfection of environment and goods, supervision and inspection personnel in the registration key.

Xining has set up three branches of medical expert group, responsible for technical guidance in Xining city a flow of medical treatment and critically ill patients with consultation and treatment work; medical institutions regulate the operation of the Department of infectious diseases or fever clinics, improve the sensitivity of the pre. Xining City Department of disease designated hospital infection has identified second people’s Hospital of Xining City, the third people’s Hospital of Xining city and three County General Hospital, and set aside sufficient beds, guarantee that the new flu patient in the medical institutions to increase rapidly; thermometer, gowns, masks, medicine and other protective equipment and necessary emergency preventive the traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine antiviral therapy and symptomatic treatment drugs reserve; strengthen the inspection of sample collection, transportation, storage, use and management, fully implement the responsibility system for the first consultation, to ensure the early detection and early diagnosis and prompt reporting, early isolation and early treatment".


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