Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out the field of food safety special recti

from today (May 17th), the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry in the city to carry out a fifteen day circulation of food safety special rectification activities.

during the event, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau through the inspection business, individual industrial and commercial households inspection and daily market inspections and other measures, standardize management qualifications in accordance with the law, provide food suppliers valid licenses and proof of product quality of the supply agreement to suspend the performance of the major shopping malls, supermarkets, the market can not. At the same time, to further improve the food enterprises established in the key commodity admittance system, invoice system and substandard food delisting system, and establish and perfect the import and sales of expired food to the accounting and registration system in food wholesale enterprises, strengthen the supervision of the food source and destination; industry and commerce at all levels will be in strict accordance with the "the Administration for Industry and Commerce food regulatory standards" and the market inspection requirements, fenpianbaogan, responsibility to the people of the management system on the area of food enterprises, signed the "responsibility" of food safety and food operators to increase the daily inspection of food business behavior, discover and correct all kinds of food in the management of illegal behavior in time, all kinds of food safety risks will be reduced to the lowest level, eliminating the instability in the bud and nip in the bud. (author: Liu Dong)


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