New year to go Grassroots road angel stick to the Spring Festival

February 8th, new year’s day.

at 4 in the morning, it was still dark outside. Most of the people in staying-up late on new year’s Eve after the city fell asleep. Huang Hua, 47 years old, got up early. She is the city of Xining City District Sanitation Management Center is responsible for cleaning the streets of the 54 paragraph, the day all the sanitation workers must be one hour ahead of the gang, from 5 o’clock to take to the streets to clean up.

Spring Festival, the majority of Chinese people will put down their work and family reunion, but known as the "road angel" sanitation workers must adhere to work for the public to clean up the city clean. Engaged in environmental sanitation work for 15 years, the annual Spring Festival Huang Hua are spent on the job.

this day is particularly difficult to clean. A lot of places on the street paved with a thick layer of firecrackers crumbs, some of the debris into the hole in the floor tiles, Huang Hua they bend down a pick out. In some places, the water freezes and freezes the rubbish. They remove the ice and clean the rubbish. A lot of units have been put off, no one cleaned the three bags in front of the door, and Huang Hua cleaned them without complaint. Stand in the cold wind, the reporter ears quickly frozen and numb, in accordance with the camera shutter fingers also failed, but Huang Hua this petite woman in Sichuan, still holding the big broom sweeping the streets and companions.

days slowly lit, 54 street shops in front of the sound of firecrackers sounded. Each opened a home, Huang Hua and his partners to sweep back a piece of firecrackers, so it has been swept to two or three p.m..

one day down, they are in the street to sweep out a full 8 car garbage, is the usual workload of 4 times.

54 Street section of crowded, vehicles, pavement, garbage, is a lot of people do not want to do a lot, but Huang Hua take the initiative to assume. Buy special purchases for the Spring Festival in many streets of the twelfth lunar month, the packing box, plastic bags, foam board, cigarette butts and a lot more than usual, especially the difficulty of cleaning.

Huang Hua said that they have been working for an hour more than ten days in advance. She said, but in order to do a good job, do the necessary protection, the cleaners are still on the streets.

"now, the quality of the public than before to improve a lot, a lot of caring people also take the initiative to care about us, the intensity of work is also relatively lower than before." Huang Hua side with fast green car garbage collection side said.

Huang Hua family difficulties. The family of four daughters, just to work, son of the University in Xi’an, was a sanitation worker’s husband 7 years ago in a car accident incapacitated, the burden of the family of a sudden pressure in Huanghua her shoulder, a monthly salary of 2100 yuan into the family economic support for the main.

however, the conversation, the woman nearly fifty years showing or for life satisfaction and hope for the future. "Life, hope the son will be able to find a good job, one family healthy, life after retirement;

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