September 2017

No PR no snapshot you will change the Links

recently noble baby official finally stand, PageRank has no plans to update. That is to say the webmaster before staring at the PR has not become a standard evaluation website.

said, these people are now more concerned about the standard, not to launch their own search engine, but the third party website keywords ranking and query tools according to the corresponding search index estimated what can roughly determine the flow of a website, but has a large operating space and limitations, so need to carefully distinguish under the. read more

On the 404 page settings and matters needing attention

first you need to design a 404 page, this need not I teach? Very simple, pay attention to use DW to design their own, 404 page, can not automatically jump to the home page, so it is not friendly to search engines, your site will be right down, even convicted of cheating, you give a clear link to guide everyone to point on the line. After finishing can begin to set up 404 pages, the first 404 pages by FTP uploaded to the site root directory, if you are using a virtual host, then you can enter the host management control panel, generally there is an error page to set this function, you choose the 404 page web directory, point to determine the OK! I use the 404 page space settings as shown below: read more

The word around the website optimization three aspects need to pay attention to


3, around a word with the original article the effect will be better

page optimization looks very simple, but the actual operation must also pay attention to the details, so that we can in a certain keyword optimization do better than others. Combined with the practice of their own, I think to do around a site optimization need to pay attention to three aspects:


believes that many webmaster friends website optimization strategy no less use of four word, this method is simple, is in the title of the page, keyword and page description, content and related pages four positions on the key words, to strengthen the key word optimization effect. The word around a website optimization method I also use never like naturally or half unconsciously, only the teacher as it is concentrated into the essence of theory, perhaps this is the Shanghai dragon master and rookie difference. read more

How to do web site keywords ranking

website ranking = overall trust given initial ranking + site information + + third prominent auxiliary link weight factor

how to understand this sentence, the trust had been put forward, in the love of Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2011 edition in Shanghai also proposed friendly degree will affect the ranking that said, in another point of view, love Shanghai said friendly degree actually is trust.


link weight: this point needs to pay attention to what is the link transfer the weight, he not only is said to pass through the weight chain, in fact the station is, as long as the link, will have the weight transfer. read more

My website Shanghai Longfeng experience of six big taboo in the process of optimization

bogey) during optimization frequently modified

the use of black chain or four) is a tool of

) the third bogey excess addition chain with a chain of


believe that every webmaster station has a dream, there is hope that the site can love from Shanghai search ranking, and then get a lot of traffic, in order to achieve this dream, so we webmaster will optimize the website, but the website optimization is not easy, in order to avoid committing webmaster some unnecessary mistakes, so I summarized several big taboo following need attention in the website optimization webmaster in the process of read more

Love Shanghai today primaryachievement power Scindapsus algorithm

yesterday in Shanghai there is a considerable flow of love, early in the morning, but no traffic sites, basically can be determined by the new algorithm is to hurt. In addition, the penalized site, has the following characteristics: site the home position is not on the first page, but in the end a few pages, the domain is so; love Shanghai directly in the search site name, the original row in the first place, now decreased or even can not find; of course, the most obvious one to be in love in Shanghai where the site traffic is almost dropped to zero. read more

Ordinary group chain is harmful to Shanghai dragon useless


did not realize when the garbage links in the search engine, is indeed very effective mass links. It is the birth of a number of links to mass software, batch registered in various forums, blog or SNS platform, then the automatic acquisition of content link group. Not willing to spend money to buy the software company will hire a few links specialist, collecting a large number of forums for batch registration, and then manually set up the forum signature, manual completion of the software. Now the search engine in order to curb the unhealthy state of the industry, the upgrade algorithm frequently, this "not recommended" spam links was the focus on. read more

n the face of the hard work of Shanghai Longfeng owners how to do the chain strategy change

this phenomenon since the existence of love, although Shanghai still has some to solve this problem, although it can go through manual operation, but is there a tens of thousands of this station, he is also artificial? So, according to this situation, from the search engine perspective, to change their algorithms, but not completely the reform of the core algorithm, so it can only give less weight in the stack point value, such that nature can eliminate 80% of the station, but also sometimes have a fish escaped through the seine. After all, any kind of search engine can not solve all the problems, only 80% of the solution is very good. When it comes to search engine problems, naturally have to say the chain search engine is the most important factor. read more

The wind on the seconds Shanghai seconds recorded the whole process of love


the last time I write an article about the love of spiders in Shanghai seconds when the article said, found an interesting phenomenon, related to the lower right corner of the I "attacks" plug-in, what is, and everyone together to share below. In fact, not what, oh, just saw the love of Shanghai in my blog and spider crawling and the residence time was calculated, see the spider walk, immediately under my love Shanghai station, found that increased a web page snapshot included 1 minutes ago. So, looks a bit unbelievable or fantastic, let alone see the love of spiders in Shanghai, even if many webmaster query traces crawling spiders in Shanghai are difficult to love. read more

ndustry website series should not act with undue haste

2, the chain of the advantages and disadvantages of

now many people of the new site, although this way through the soft gold website can be included. But as a new station, this is not a healthy way of development. A few hair root site, they give you reproduced, this is obviously for ways to promote himself. The recommended way is not the natural soft. So the development of nature, nature is the best way to get. This is why people write the article that Shanghai Lee engineer blog answer pure text outside the chain is included, but natural, others recommend natural pure text is the best quality. A new station is not up to such a degree. Because of the vulnerability of the railway station when we go to the promotion must be considered good, should not act with undue haste. You know, your competitors are after a long time to hone, position it sites now steeped in the Internet long time only. We have one or several months to reach the level of it or that may not go beyond it?. read more