Notebook: Bedlam 2015

first_imgThis won’t be as long tonight because cell reception in Boone Pickens Stadium is like OSU’s run game and I wasn’t able to keep up with the game as it was playing out on social media and TV like I usually do. I posted my 10 thoughts here, but this is the rest of my notes from a disappointing Bedlam.• The all orange uniforms are better in cold weather because you can slap some black sleeves and/or tights under them and it doesn’t look like a bunch of pylons moving around the field all game.• And that was game, blouses with these drives.Oklahoma drive chartFG miss, TD, punt, TD, TD, TD, INT for TD, TD#OUvsOKST— Brandon Chatmon (@BChatmon) November 29, 2015• Speaking of uniforms, the band’s threads were exquisite tonight. These are the things you just don’t get on TV at home.• OU fans saying “home of the Sooners” at the end of the national anthem is still a thrill for me. And by “a thrill,” I mean I would rather be stabbed in the throat with a dull screwdriver for hours at a time than watch and listen to that.• Truth.Lincoln Riley certainly put Bob Stoops’ career at OU in perspective: “He’s won nine of these. This one was hard as hell and he won nine.”— Bryan Fischer (@BryanDFischer) November 29, 2015• I watched J.W. Walsh high five literally every family member of every senior walking out for senior night with a violence you would not believe. There were definitely some preferred walk-on family members asking their family member player, “what is that dude’s deal?”• This might have been a “being at the game” deal, but it felt like we were playing with nine dudes on defense for most of the night. That’s a frustrating thing.• This was great.What will @pistolsguy get first? Fav for frostbite, RT for carpel tunnel. pic.twitter.com/ayTGd1hgrV— Nolan (@nolancox) November 29, 2015• This is the first time in five years OU fans can say they’ve won a Big 12 title more recently than OSU. That makes me happy.• Which is what you should do against J.W. Walsh.Mike Stoops is dialing up blitzes on every play, knowing Walsh’s arm strength limitations. #OUvsOKST— Jake Trotter (@Jake_Trotter) November 29, 2015• Do I have to have an Emmanuel Ogbah senior night take? I don’t really care about him walking out. Like, I just don’t have the energy to put my chips on either side of it.• As my buddy Nolan pointed out, Pistol Pete’s trench coat is the absolute best.• Wow.”Go ahead,make your jokes, Mr. Jokey Joke-Maker.” @royceyoung @KOCOCarson @LatvianMissile pic.twitter.com/QnvCsvJaxn— Josh Daugherty (@josh_daugherty) November 29, 2015 • Gundy got a haircut. Maybe he was being superstitious until we lost. Also, I got the greatest Gundy-related text ever from David Ubben right before the game started. All it said was, “Gundy is wearing cargos that can be unzipped into shorts.” I had to sit down.• In retrospect, Boone not being able to make it might have been a bad sign.• How many of the 18 seniors do you think Gundy can name if they’re in street clothes and in a random class on campus? Heck, how many can he name if they’re at practice this next week? Over/under 12.5. Which side of that are you on?• We led that game in regulation. We did not lead last year’s game in regulation. Foosball is a weird animal.• My peak, “we’re actually going to do this” moment was the Tre Flowers hit in the first quarter. It was pretty much straight downhill, roller coaster-style the rest of the night.• That would be James.Washington is a bad man— Patrick Mahomes II (@PatrickMahomes5) November 29, 2015• Nolan in the first quarter, “how many bones does Walsh have to break tonight to come out?” He really was as jacked as I’ve ever seen him. He would have tried to tear down GIA and rebuild the thing if you would have told him it meant OSU could have the title.• LOL.<3 you, CFB https://t.co/66c7Y0hs44— David Ubben (@davidubben) November 29, 2015• I mentioned this in my 10 thougths, but OSU went five wide a lot tonight. Like, a whole lot. And it worked. Now, that might be an OU-specific plan, but it sort of retroactively frustrates me that we didn’t run that more with No. 2 all season since, you know, he’s the better passer of the two.• Yep.The Big 12 is the most entertaining league in the country this season, and it isn't all that close.— Travis Haney (@travhaney) November 29, 2015 • There were certainly some Baylor game parallels. Speaking of Baylor, I can’t be the only one who feels like that game took place a month ago, can I? OSU answers early, gets steamrolled before halftime and never enters the fray again. In some ways, it was better like that. I would almost prefer that to getting my heart ripped out by whoever OU’s third string QB is on the last play of regulation with a CFP appearance on the line.• Wow.• Ramon Richard on Samaje Perine in the open field one on one is like a rooster waddling up and kicking an elephant in the shin.• OU hasn’t faced a QB1 since …. ?• Oh dear.Going to hospital. Got knocked over by another camera guy and broke my leg on monopod. I'm okay— Sarah Phipps (@sarahcphipps) November 29, 2015• Peak OSU happened at the start of the 4th quarter when we rolled John Smith and the wrestling squad out there. Like, “you can have all the Big 12 football titles, but don’t come after our wrestling national championships, OU.”• Deuces. It was fun.Emmanuel Ogbah's next stop: The NFL. pic.twitter.com/FEqOFpF0my— Kyle Boone (@PFBoone) November 29, 2015• Walsh’s best pass of the night (by far)? Hit Austin Hays in the face and was dropped on 4th down. When it rains …• Dude can ball.Give me Baker Mayfield anytime, anywhere. The dude is a baller in every sense of the word.— Tyler Ames (@TyAmes93) November 29, 2015• How bad was the no-call on the facemask on Jalen McCleskey? Better or worse than the entire second half of the Texas-OSU game?• Shades of Castleman.• He’s the GOAT.Mike Gundy makes his own style. Pretty sure he's wearing baseball batting gloves right now.— Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) November 29, 2015• OSU wasn’t a fraud. I wrote about that in my 10 thoughts. What might need to be reevaluated is how good this defense actually was. It’s going to be interesting to see how it stacks up at the end of the season in terms of defensive efficiency (points per drive, etc.). My guess is it won’t look that great.• Good on OU for closing like they did after that Texas loss. Shades of OSU in 2011 and the loss came early which would have helped in 2011. They’re a legit playoff team. The Big 12 rocked this year and we got to play for the trophy. That’s a good season.If you're looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you're wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. 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