A new iPad is hours away what do you think well see

first_imgToday Apple will have its March 2nd event and we’ll finally get to meet the iPad 2. Things might not be exactly as they have been in the past, with Steve Jobs on medical leave, but you can bet there will be a a lot to talk about before, during, and after the unveiling of the new iPad (and anything else today may bring).We’ve heard a tremendous amount of rumors about the next iPad, opening the door to a multitude of possibilities. Maybe the iPad 2 will be available in white, with DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, a carbon fiber back, and a 7-inch screen, just to combine some of the less likely rumors. Maybe it will be delayed, maybe it will have an SD slot, and a high resolution display. Or maybe it’ll be a rather slight improvement on the original iPad, making for something akin to an iPad 1.5. It’s still anyone’s guess right now.AdChoices广告The rumor mill is going strong, with some people seemingly more informed than others. We don’t have any special information, but we’ve done a lot of reading and we’re guessing that some of you have as well.  So fill us in–based on your reading and experience, give us an educated guess on what you think think the iPad 2 will be like.I’ll kick things off with my personal guess, and then please do continue in the comments.I’m guessing the iPad 2 will not be a revolutionary change from the iPad, in fact I’m playing this one very conservative. I’m not expecting a higher resolution display, a carbon fiber back, a 7-inch screen, or any of the more extreme things we’ve heard. In my estimation we’ll see a modest spec bump (hopefully to a dual-core processor, but almost definitely faster and with more RAM), front/rear cameras, and some slight changes to the chassis. These changes could make for a thinner, sleeker iPad and possibly something with improved audio. I’m torn on the issue of NFC–some outlets seemed very confident of it, but talk has tapered off in the last month–but my guess is we don’t see it tomorrow.I’m guessing the iPad 2 will be the iPhone 3GS  equivalent–it’ll get an already compelling and competitive product to up speed with the competition and it’ll throw in a few cool features so iPad owners have to at least consider upgrading. I see these as being a performance bump, the FaceTime camera, a rear camera, and possibly an SD card slot. I’d guess we see a late March to early April release date and, yes, I do think it will come in white.What do you expect to see?last_img read more