Team Fortress 2 mod captures the eerie world of The Binding of

first_imgIn what has to be yet another nightmare for young Isaac, a Team Fortress 2 mod has captured the eerie, disturbing, wonderful world of The Binding of Isaac, transporting the horrors of Isaac’s basement journey to everyone’s favorite hat-centric FPS.With the help of TF2’s colorful aesthetics and some stellar attention to detail, the mod really does seem to capture the essence of Isaac. For the unaware, The Binding of Isaac is a rogue-like in the fashion of the dungeons in the original The Legend of Zelda. Basically: get keys, bomb walls, kill enemies, find new equipment, kill a boss, and move on. The only difference is that Isaac is about running from his murderous mom, trapped in a basement labyrinth inhabited by disturbing mutants and monsters, and eventually attempting matricide (while possibly wearing her lipstick and underwear).Some of Isaac’s enemies make it into the mod, like The Duke of Flies and Mom’s Heart, as well as some of the game’s rogue-like gameplay elements. The Sacrifice Rooms appear in the mod, in which players must step on spikes and sacrifice health to get a bonus, as do boss fights revealing a hole down to the next basement.The game is still TF2 at its heart, but the mod makes it even more chaotic, with every player in the same room running around like maniacs and shooting everything. If you’re a fan of Isaac, or simply want to plunge yourself into a new form of basement chaos, the map is currently available over on one of Slag Gaming’s servers.via Rock, Paper, Shotgunlast_img read more