Blacksmith makes amazing set of superdeadly Wolverine claws

first_imgIf you were an incredibly talented blacksmith, what would you do with those old school skills? If your answer is anything other than “make a set of realistic Wolverine claws” you have failed at being a blacksmith. Tony Swatton is an awesome blacksmith who makes a new iconic weapon every week in the web series Man at Arms. This time it’s Wolverine claws, and you can watch it all on video.The process starts with a cardboard mock-up of the claws to find the right size and proportion. Next, the cardboard pattern is used to cut a piece of quarter-inch 5160 spring steel for each blade (six in total). Swatton has made simpler versions of the Wolverine claws before, but always out of aluminum. These steel versions will be able to do some real damage.After doing some preliminary clean up on the edges, it’s time for the real smithing to begin. Using an induction forge to heat the metal, Swatton begins shaping the taper that will eventually become a deadly-sharp blade.Of course, the blades need to attach to something, so the smithy whips up an ergonomic handle crafted out of a small section of three-quarter by one-inch steel bar. It is shaped to fit in the hand and has cutouts for the blades to slot into. A quarter inch hole runs through the handle so that a rivet can be inserted to hold the claws in place once the build is complete.The final stages involve heating the claws to 1,550 degrees, then cooling them in water to harden the steel. Next, they go back in the heat at 600 degrees for tempering. Then it’s time for the final sharpening and polishing.The Wolverine claws Swatton came up with are 12-inches long and incredibly sharp. That didn’t stop them from having a little fun slicing things up, though.last_img read more