Half-time: Trabzonspor 0 QPR 0

first_imgNew signing Junior Hoilett was handed his debut for the first of QPR’s two pre-season matches in Germany.Hoilett had an early chance to score when he fired wide after he was set up by Jamie Mackie, who later had an effort saved after being released by Ji-sung Park.Kieron Dyer, who came on as a substitute at Wycombe on Tuesday after nearly a year on the sidelines, is also in the Rangers starting line-up.Owen Hargreaves is not in the squad but could feature in next weekend’s friendly against Augsburg.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Your Uber trip can help change lives

first_imgBefore, Uber would round down each passenger’s fare to the nearest rand. Now, with UberGiving, those cents are instead donated to good causes. (Image: Uber)South African non-profits are hailing the benefit of taxicab app Uber’s charitable giving. UberGiving allows the company and its passengers to donate to worthy causes.Before, Uber would round down each passenger’s fare to the nearest rand. Now, with UberGiving, those cents are instead donated to good causes. The new system does not cost the drivers, who will still earn 80% of each fare.The Reach for a Dream Foundation, which fulfils the dreams of children with life-threatening diseases, was the first beneficiary of Uber passengers’ generosity. It helped the foundation take passionate football fan Elihle Momoza, a 12-year-old with a blood disorder, to Moses Mabhida stadium for the first time. It also gave him a PlayStation with football games.UberGiving helped Faith Nifang, an eight-year-old with sickle cell anaemia, to live his special dream of a day at the beach by spending a weekend at Sun City, where he enjoyed the playground activities and the Valley of the Waves.“The magnitude of his smile said it all that day,” said Alon Lits, GM of Uber in sub-Saharan Africa.“We are honoured to be associated with Reach for a Dream, helping to assist children like Faith and Elihle. These are just some of the dreams that were made possible through UberGiving and the Reach for a Dream Foundation.”A great startUberGiving’s charitable drive has benefitted other non-profits as well. It helped the Tomorrow Trust, an educational NGO, to fund Mahlogonolo Pasha’s BSc studies in Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Johannesburg.Pasha, from a family of five children raised by a single unemployed mother, dreams of becoming the first university graduate in her family. Education, she believes, will end their cycle of poverty.The Els for Autism Foundation is another UberGiving beneficiary. The charity was established in 2009 by golfer Ernie Els and his wife Liezl Els after their son Ben was diagnosed with severe autism.Their foundation funds an Autism Centre of Excellence, which gives under-resourced families of autistic children free access to evidence-based interventions.Other non-profits that have benefited from UberGiving include the Blow the Whistle initiative and the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation.“We are proud to support these organisations, to help them continue the good work they do,” said Lits. “A special thanks goes out to all those riders using the Uber platform, by simply requesting a trip each of you are making a difference, and every little bit counts.”For more information, visit www.uber.com or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.last_img read more

Making room for more corn

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Even with a glut of old crop corn in storage, news came out of the USDA Planting Intentions Report that corn production will not let up anytime soon.In order to see some relief from the lower markets, leftover corn and soybeans will have to go somewhere. Due to a number of factors both domestically and internationally, the possibilities are limited.“In the years to come we expect to see a flat volume of corn going into biofuels production,” said Pablo Sherwell, Senior Analyst of Rabobank’s Food & Agribusiness Research Group. “The decline of Argentina’s Peso and Brazil’s Real is challenging the U.S. from a competitive standpoint in the world  market.”While views on the Trans Pacific Partnership differ inside the beltway, Sherwell believes that the deal will be beneficial for agriculture.“The key for agriculture’s success in the future is going to be finding new markets,” Sherwell said. “Especially with China decelerating with global soybean imports, something like the TPP will help to fill that void and keep U.S. exports moving.”The wildcard for U.S. corn, according to Sherwell, is going to be how much of the product can be used for the animal sector, which is expanding domestically.last_img read more

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, August 10, 2018

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Relatively short and sweet this morning. We have plenty of moisture around for crops. Rain and thunderstorms will be over the northern half to two thirds of Ohio today, and over the southern half to two thirds of Ohio tomorrow. Rain totals can be from .25″-1″, and if thunderstorms fire off, there can be some locally higher rains. All of the state likely gets wet at some point between now and Sunday morning.  Rains are back in the forecast Sunday afternoon, and scattered showers will be with us through Monday and Tuesday, ending by Tuesday afternoon. This will give an additional .25″-.75″ over 80% of the state.  After about a 12 hour lull, Rain and thunderstorms return for Wednesday and the precipitation could linger into Thursday. We are leaving our rain totals at .25”-.75” over 90% of the state. But thunderstorms, and strong ones at that, seem to have had an easier time developing recently in our current atmospheric set up. So, we think it will be relatively easy to see some isolated rain totals over an inch. But, we are not going to go way off the deep end, like the European model continues to do. We will revisit this storm complex Monday morning and make any changes in strength, track and timing if any other models begin to side with the Euro. Right now, we think getting a strong, low pressure circulation over the state triggering heavy rains everywhere is less likely than hit and miss strong to moderate action. The map at right shows 10 day rain totals over Ohio.  We will keep scattered showers in for Friday with only 40% coverage. These may bring up to a quarter inch of new precipitation. But, we are going dry for the entire weekend next weekend, the 18th and 19th. We also are dry for the 20th. For the rest of the extended 11-16 day forecast period, we have scattered showers for the 21st through the 24th, a pattern very similar to what we are seeing now.last_img read more

4 Cheap Practical Lights That Can Work Wonders On Set

first_imgPlacing an emphasis on lighting is one of the most effective ways to keep your production value high. The 4 lights on this list will allow you to not only light your film beautifully, but do it on a minuscule budget.Nearly every indie filmmaker will rent or buy a standard lighting kit for their productions (such as an Arri or Lowell kit). While these types of lighting kits are reliable and versatile, inexpensive consumer lights may also have a place in your production. Unlike traditional lighting kits, practical lights (that can be bought at places like Home Depot or Ikea) are often sold at a fraction of the cost of film lights, since they don’t have the same functionality built in. While the lack of functionality can seem like a big downside, you can often use the quirkiness of these lights to your advantage…and ultimately give your film a distinct look.It’s not just filmmakers on a budget that are known to make use of practical lights either. Many well established filmmakers (like David Fincher for example) are known for utilizing household lights or work lamps in order to achieve a desired effect. So if you’re looking to save a few bucks on your next production, or just want to try something new and different – these lights are for you:1. China BallsImage from Pasadena Daily PhotoNearly every lighting store or home furnishing store (such as Ikea) will sell these china balls, and generally they go for under $20. They emit a beautiful soft light that can be used as a key, fill, or even a background light and are extremely adaptable. For daytime use, you can switch to daylight balanced bulbs easily, which makes them such versatile and valuable tools much like the work lights above.They can be mounted on a light stand, used on a boom pole (for run and gun/walking scenes), or rigged up just about anywhere you can imagine. Many film lighting manufacturers now make more expensive “pro” versions of these lights that have a stronger ball (the cheap ones are made of paper), so if you want to use a light like this on multiple shoots, you might want to consider a more heavy duty version.2. Work LightsThese common construction lights can be bought at just about any hardware store for about $30, and considering the amount of power that they can generate they offer some of the best bang for the buck out there. You can buy these lights with tungsten or daylight balanced bulbs which makes them extremely versatile, and their strong output makes them fantastic options for demanding lighting situations such as night exteriors. These lights have been used in countless feature films (even large scale productions such as Fight Club), and are a must have for DPs on a budget.3. Energizer LED Folding Area LanternThese little light panels are a relatively new product and available at nearly any Target, Wal Mart, or supply store. They are often used for camping as a means to light up a completely dark area at night, and as such they well suited for use on a film set. The light quality and fall off from these little panels can be brilliant, and I generally find them to give a similar aesthetic to shooting with regular LED panels or at times even flourescent Kinos. I would suggest using these as a soft key or a fill light, as they do a great job of illuminating skin tones in a natural way.4. Clamp Flood LightsThese good old fashioned flood lights have been used for decades by filmmakers and photographers on a budget. They can be bought for as little as $9 (without the bulb) at your local hardware store, and much like the construction lights on this list, they offer a great solution for inexpensive high power output. You can use a single lamp as a high key (or add diffusion to it if you prefer), or combine multiple lamps to illuminate an entire room. There is a reason why these have been used for so many years, and it’s not just because they are cheap!Final Thoughts: Use What You NeedWhen approaching the lighting setup for any given project, you never want to take a one size all fits approach. Always carefully consider what the stylistic and creative needs are of your project, and of course what your vision is for the overall aesthetic. From there, you can start to build your kit in a way that is unique and specific to your project.Know of any other cheap practical lights? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

What To Do When You Don’t Have Situational Knowledge

first_imgSituational knowledge is the knowledge you gain from your experiences, from dealing with and understanding certain situations. You see things. You learn things. You start to identify the big issues and you start to recognize patterns. This situational knowledge helps you to help your clients and it helps you to win deals.But it is difficult to gain situational knowledge.If you are new to sales, you lack the experiences, and there is no amount of training in the world that is a substitute for actually having had experiences—you have to feel it. Even if you have sold for a long time, if you find yourself in a new industry, you immediately recognize that you are missing the situational knowledge you need to succeed—and to make a difference for your clients.It’s tough sledding, but these four ideas will help you bridge the gap when you don’t have the situational knowledge.Ask Before You ActWhen you don’t know what to do to help your client, when you don’t understand their issues, their challenges, or how you should proceed, ask someone with the situational knowledge on your team to help you.You are going to make mistakes, but you don’t have make the unnecessary mistakes that could easily have been prevented by asking someone what you need to know or what you need to do.Ask Your Dream Client for an EducationIf you don’t understand your client’s business, ask them to give you an education. You’ll be surprised how happy they are to help you understand their business. They know their business better than anyone, and most are willing to teach you—if you show the proper interest and if you are really interested in doing your part.Simply asking for an education can ratchet up your situational knowledge.Ask for Time When You Don’t KnowSometimes your lack of situational knowledge leaves you at a disadvantage. Your dream client asks you something and you don’t know how to answer. Or they describe needs that you aren’t yet ready to help them with. The worse thing that you can do when you lack the knowledge to know what is right is to answer anyway.If you don’t know what the right answer is, don’t answer. Ask your client for time to go and find the right answer. Promise them you’ll get back to them with the right answer, and then keep that commitment.You will encounter a few clients that won’t forgive your ignorance, but most will be very understanding. It’s much harder to forgive your ignorance when you try to answer questions you don’t understand and your answers put your real ignorance on full display.Bring Someone with Experience to HelpSometimes you can’t afford to make a call without having the situational knowledge. You book an appointment with your dream client, and you are way out over your skis on this one. If there is too much at stake to go it alone, don’t! Bring someone with you.This doesn’t only apply to new sales people or salespeople in a new industry. Sometimes we end up on a call where our technical knowledge is limited, and we know that we need someone with a greater depth of knowledge. It’s easier to bring these people with you when you can.By bringing people that can help, you get a chance to listen and to gain a greater understanding. This improves your situational knowledge and better prepares you for future meetings.QuestionsWhat do you do when you don’t have situational knowledge?How can you improve your situational knowledge when you are new to sales?When are you challenged by a lack of situational knowledge? Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Asiad gold-winning shot-putter Toor’s father to be cremated Thursday

first_imgChandigarh, Sep 4 (PTI) Asian Games gold-medallist Tejinderpal Singh Toor’s father, who died of cancer before he could meet the triumphant shot-putter, will be cremated on Thursday. Karam Singh, 54, breathed his last on Monday at a military hospital in Panchkula. He was suffering from cancer for the past few years and Toor had spoken about his struggle to manage his career in view of his father’s ailment after winning the Asiad gold in Jakarta. It was a tragic turn of events for Toor, who returned to India the same day his father passed away. After winning the gold medal at Asian games, the native of Khosa Pando village in Punjab’s Moga district, had dedicated the medal to the ailing Karam Singh. Punjab sports minister Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi offered his condolences to the athlete, who broke the Games record for his gold. In his message to Toor, Sodhi said the “undying efforts of his father and the family contributed hugely to the golden achievement by Tejinderpal Singh”. The 23-year-old Toor had clinched the men’s shot put gold by throwing the iron ball to 20.75m in the Asian games. PTI CHS VSD PM PMlast_img read more