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first_img In order to have a bigger spread in the scores and increase the differentiation between countries, this year’s questionnaire had more answers assigning negative points. That is why countries at the top of the index have negative scores this year. Although the point system has produced a broader distribution of scores than in 2010, each country’s evolution over the years can still be plotted by comparing its position in the index rather than its score. This is what the arrows in the table refer to – a country’s change in position in the index compared with the preceding year.|Rank|Country|Score||1|Finland|-10,00| ||-|Norway|-10,00| ||3|Estonia|-9,00| ||-|Netherlands|-9,00| ||5|Austria|-8,00| ||6|Iceland|-7,00| ||-|Luxembourg|-7,00| ||8|Switzerland|-6,20| ||9|Cape Verde|-6,00| ||10|Canada|-5,67| ||-|Denmark|-5,67| ||12|Sweden|-5,50| ||13|New Zealand|-5,33| ||14|Czech Republic|-5,00| ||15|Ireland|-4,00| ||16|Cyprus|-3,00| ||-|Jamaica|-3,00| ||-|Germany|-3,00| ||19|Costa Rica|-2,25| ||20|Belgium|-2,00| ||-|Namibia|-2,00| ||22|Japan|-1,00| ||-|Surinam|-1,00| ||24|Poland|-0,67| ||25|Mali|0,00| ||-|OECS|0,00| ||-|Slovakia|0,00| ||28|United Kingdom|2,00| ||29|Niger|2,50| ||30|Australia|4,00| ||-|Lithuania|4,00| ||32|Uruguay|4,25| ||33|Portugal|5,33| ||34|Tanzania|6,00| ||35|Papua New Guinea|9,00| ||36|Slovenia|9,14| ||37|El Salvador|9,30| ||38|France|9,50| ||39|Spain|9,75| ||40|Hungary|10,00| ||41|Ghana|11,00| ||42|South Africa|12,00| ||-|Botswana|12,00| ||44|South Korea|12,67| ||45|Comoros|13,00| ||-|Taiwan|13,00| ||47|United States of America|14,00| ||-|Argentina|14,00| ||-|Romania|14,00| ||50|Latvia|15,00| ||-|Trinidad and Tobago|15,00| ||52|Haiti|15,67| ||53|Moldova|16,00| ||54|Hong-Kong|17,00| ||-|Mauritius|17,00| ||-|Samoa|17,00| ||57|United States of America (extra-territorial)|19,00| ||58|Malta|19,50| ||-|Bosnia and Herzegovina|19,50| ||-|Guyana|19,50| ||61|Italy|19,67| ||62|Central African Republic|20,00| ||63|Lesotho|21,00| ||-|Sierra Leone|21,00| ||-|Tonga|21,00| ||66|Mozambique|21,50| ||67|Mauritania|22,20| ||68|Croatia|23,33| ||-|Burkina Faso|23,33| ||70|Bhutan|24,00| ||-|Greece|24,00| ||72|Nicaragua|24,33| ||73|Maldives|25,00| ||-|Seychelles|25,00| ||75|Guinea-Bissau|26,00| ||-|Senegal|26,00| ||77|Armenia|27,00| ||78|Kuwait|28,00| ||79|Togo|28,50| ||80|Serbia|29,00| ||-|Bulgaria|29,00| ||-|Chile|29,00| ||-|Paraguay|29,00| ||84|Kenya|29,50| ||-|Madagascar|29,50| ||86|Guinea|30,00| ||-|Kosovo|30,00| ||-|Timor-Leste|30,00| ||-|Zambia|30,00| ||90|Congo|30,38| ||91|Benin|31,00| ||92|Israel (Israeli territory)|31,25| ||93|Lebanon|31,50| ||94|Macedonia|31,67| ||95|Dominican Republic|33,25| ||96|Albania|34,44| ||97|Cameroon|35,00| ||-|Guatemala|35,00| ||99|Brazil|35,33| ||100|Mongolia|35,75| ||101|Gabon|36,50| ||102|Cyprus (North)|37,00| ||103|Chad|37,67| ||104|Ecuador|38,00| ||-|Georgia|38,00| ||106|Nepal|38,75| ||107|Montenegro|39,00| ||108|Bolivia|40,00| ||-|Kyrgyzstan|40,00| ||110|Liberia|40,50| ||111|South Sudan|41,25|nc||112|United Arab Emirates|45,00| ||113|Panama|45,67| ||114|Qatar|46,00| ||115|Peru|51,25| ||116|Ukraine|54,00| ||117|Cambodia|55,00| ||-|Fiji|55,00| ||-|Oman|55,00| ||-|Venezuela|55,00| ||-|Zimbabwe|55,00| ||122|Algeria|56,00| ||-|Tajikistan|56,00| ||-|Malaysia|56,00| ||125|Brunei|56,20| ||126|Nigeria|56,40| ||127|Ethiopia|56,60| ||128|Jordan|56,80| ||129|Bangladesh|57,00| ||130|Burundi|57,75| ||131|India|58,00| ||132|Angola|58,43| ||133|Israel (extra-territorial)|59,00| ||134|Tunisia|60,25| ||135|Singapore|61,00| ||-|Honduras|61,00| ||137|Thailand|61,50| ||138|Morocco|63,29| ||139|Uganda|64,00| ||140|Philippines|64,50| ||141|Gambia|65,50| ||142|Russia|66,00| ||143|Colombia|66,50| ||144|Swaziland|67,00| ||145|Democratic Republic of Congo|67,67| ||146|Indonesia|68,00| ||-|Malawi|68,00| ||148|Turkey|70,00| ||149|Mexico|72,67| ||150|Afghanistan|74,00| ||151|Pakistan|75,00| ||152|Iraq|75,36| ||153|Palestinian Territories|76,00| ||154|Kazakhstan|77,50| ||-|Libya|77,50| ||156|Rwanda|81,00| ||157|Uzbekistan|83,00| ||158|Saudi Arabia|83,25| ||159|Côte d’Ivoire|83,50| ||-|Djibouti|83,50| ||161|Equatorial Guinea|86,00| ||162|Azerbaijan|87,25| ||163|Sri Lanka|87,50| ||164|Somalia|88,33| ||165|Laos|89,00| ||166|Egypt|97,50| ||167|Cuba|98,83| ||168|Belarus|99,00| ||169|Burma|100,00| ||170|Sudan|100,75| ||171|Yemen|101,00| ||172|Vietnam|114,00| ||173|Bahrain|125,00| ||174|China|136,00| ||175|Iran|136,60| ||176|Syria|138,00| ||177|Turkmenistan|140,67| ||178|North Korea|141,00| ||179|Eritrea|142,00| |Download the full version Organisation January 25, 2012 – Updated on January 25, 2016 The ranking RSF_en center_img News Help by sharing this informationlast_img read more

Dogs Trust issues advice for dog owners during Covid-19 pandemic

first_img Previous articleGovernment to pay student nurses during Covid-19Next article2026 Ryder Cup venue Adare Manor named as one of Ireland and Great Britain’s best resorts Cian Reinhardthttp://www.limerickpost.ieJournalist & Digital Media Coordinator. Covering human interest and social issues as well as creating digital content to accompany news stories. [email protected] Rescue Boxer, Collie cross Bandit enjoying a dog puzzle indoors during Covid-19 pandemic, one of many tips from Dogs Trust Ireland on how to keep your dog happy!IRELAND’S largest dog welfare charity has issued advice for dog owners who may be concerned about how to look after their dogs while at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak.The charity advises self-isolating dog owners to try to make alternative arrangements for someone to look after their dog until they feel better, so the dog can continue with their normal exercise routine.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up If that’s not possible, there are lots of ways to keep dogs happy and healthy within the comfort of their own homes.From activities involving their favourite treats and toys, to building doggy dens and treasure hunts, there are ample ways dog owners can keep their dog active, without stepping outside their front door.Karla Dunne, Head of Operations at Dogs Trust says there are a number of way to keep your dog occupied at home “such as hiding some of your dog’s favourite treats in different rooms around the house and see how quickly they manage to locate them”.Former Dogs Trust Ireland resident Chihuahua cross, Obie, keeping busy with his teddy bear Photograph: ©Fran Veale“If your dog enjoys playing, show them some love by spending time playing their favourite game with them,” she said, adding, “Why not teach your dog a new trick? We have lots of easy to follow videos on our website – DogsTrust.ie”Becky Bristow, Executive Director, Dogs Trust Ireland explains, “If you are not self-isolating, the current Government guidance is that it’s okay to go outside to walk your dog, but to keep your distance from others, so you may wish to avoid popular dog walking spots.“While it is not proven that coronavirus (COVID-19) can be transmitted between humans and dogs, we would always recommend washing your hands before and after interacting with your pet, but we will continue to monitor this and take guidance from the World Health Organisation.”Dogs Trust are urgently appealing to dog lovers for their help. Like many businesses and charities, they have had to make the difficult decision to close the Rehoming Centre to the public temporarily.The group say that “your generosity will save lives” during this time of uncertainty, and ask people to donate what they can to get unwanted dogs and puppies “back on their paws again”.You can support Dogs Trust through their website. NewsCommunityLifestylePetsDogs Trust issues advice for dog owners during Covid-19 pandemicBy Cian Reinhardt – March 27, 2020 377 Institute of Public Health addresses loneliness as a challenge to national health in light of Covid-19 restrictions Twitter Email Advertisement RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Print WhatsAppcenter_img TAGSCommunityCoronavirusCovid 19Limerick City and CountyNewsPets Government announces phased easing of public health restrictions Linkedin Covid antibody testing opens to public at Shannon Airport Facebook ‘Everything tells us we are moving forward’ Mass COVID testing to take place at University of Limerick following fresh outbreak of virus among student population Limerick health chiefs urge public not to withhold information on virus contacts, as they investigate “complex and serious outbreaks” across midwest region last_img read more

Colombian Soldiers Shine in International Paralympic Competition

first_img From his wheelchair, Sergeant First Class Francisco Genaro Pedraza Osorio frowns, inflates his cheeks and throws a heavy cannon-like iron ball. All around him, others twist their bodies and use their legs to propel themselves, something he can’t do. All around him, over 300 militaries marked by battlefield scars participated in the Marine Corps Trials sporting event, which came to an end on March 6, at U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California. Organized by the U.S. Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment, the week-long annual event tested the athletic skills of handicapped military officers from the United States and a dozen other countries that competed in shot put, discus throw, archery, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, swimming, cycling, and track and field trials. However, Pedraza considers that the excitement from the competitions was not the most important aspect. “I came here to compete, but actually the best part was the brotherhood that blossomed among officers from all over the world, as well as the chance to meet people that overcame their disabilities, just like me,” he states. Colombia was the only Latin American country represented at the Marine Corps Trials, with 15 Army and Marine officers, including Sergeant First Class Pedraza. The event, celebrated annually for the last three years, is part of a program that gives wounded, sick or injured soldiers the chance to start athletic training and develop a healthy lifestyle, despite their disabilities. Moreover, 50 Marines from the Trials will be selected to represent the Marine Corps at the 2013 Warrior Games, an annual Paralympic event that will take place from May 11-17 at the Olympic Training Center and the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Challenges At the Marine Corps Trials, Pedraza made his debut in the pentathlon: swimming, shooting, shot put, discus throw and hand cycle. “The competition was tough and the event for me was a new challenge. My forte is the hand cycle,” said the Colombian sergeant. Still, he took gold for the shot put and discus throw and silver for the hand cycle, closely following favorite Joe Townsend, a British Soldier that was selected in 2012 to light the torch at the XIV Paralympic Games in London, England, for his sport achievements. However, the most difficult challenge in Pedraza’s life was the unexpected jolt on the morning of September 2, 2004, in remote point of the Colombian jungle. “After two days in combat, an antipersonnel mine planted by guerrillas exploded while we were trying to perform an evacuation by air,” he says. Several of his comrades were injured: one lost his right leg, another suffered lung perforations, and a third Soldier’s jaw was destroyed. The explosion blasted one of Pedraza’s legs. The other one was later amputated. “As a Soldier, you know you run that risk. Then you have to face a dilemma: to remain feeling sorry for yourself or to try to move on,” the Colombian officer said. Pedraza chose to keep fighting, and once recovered from the wounds, he joined the Colombian Army Health Battalion Sport League. Since then, he has participated in two Paralympic cycling world tournaments and in marathons in different Colombian cities, as well as in Miami, New York, and Panama. Colombia shines with medals His Colombian colleagues also took home medals from the Marine Trials in San Diego. Marine Héctor Sipamocha, who lost his sight in a grenade explosion, took gold in tandem cycling, and the 200 meter and 1,500 meter track and field events. Sipamocha, who competes with the help of a guide, took home the 100-meter silver. For his part, Colombian Army Lieutenant Diego Cuesta, took home gold and silver medals for the 100 and 200-meter races respectively. At the pool, Cuesta left all the other swimmers behind at the 50 and 100-meter freestyle and the 50-meter backstroke competitions. Fellow Colombian Army Lieutenant Jonathan Martínez, who also suffered partial vision loss in combat, won the 1,500-meter silver and 200-meter bronze. Martínez closely followed Cuesta at the swimming competition, collecting bronze for the 50-meter and 100-meter freestyle and 50-meter backstroke. Another Colombian delegation champ was Army Second Lieutenant Camilo Sánchez Castellano, who rose to the podium on three occasions, earning silver for the 50 and 100-meter freestyle, and the 50-meter backstroke competition for double amputees. Pedraza’s upcoming challenges are in Toronto, Canada, where he is scheduled to participate at the Parapan Am Games 2015, and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the XV Paralympic Games 2016. “That is this very minute,” he stated, implying that he will keep representing Colombia for a long time. Not on the battlefield this time, but in the arena of sports. By Dialogo March 08, 2013last_img read more