Open letter to president and attorney general about journalist missing for six months

first_img Ukrainian media group harassed by broadcasting authority Receive email alerts Crimean journalist “confesses” to spying for Ukraine on Russian TV February 23, 2011 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Open letter to president and attorney general about journalist missing for six months The international press freedom organization Reporters Without Borders, the civil movement of journalists Stop Censorship!, the Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union, the Mediafront trade union of Ukrainian journalists and the Committee for Protection of Ukrainian Journalists would like to share with you its very deep concern about the disappearance of Vasyl Klymentyev, the editor of the Kharkiv-based regional investigative newspaper Novyy Styl, since 11 August 2010. Six months have gone by but the investigation has made very little progress and no suspect has yet been charged. On the contrary, it seems to have been marred by many irregularities. The local police are nonetheless working on the theory that Mr. Klymentyev was the victim of “premeditated murder” linked to his activities as a journalist.Shortly before his disappearance, Mr. Klymentyev had been investigating a case of alleged abuse of authority involving several local officials and had been planning to publish a story on the subject in the next issue of Novyy Styl. Accompanied by a police officer, he went to the Pechenizke reservoir near Kharkiv on 11 August to photograph properties owned by regional director of taxes Stanislav Denysyuk and three other local officials. He has not been seen since then. Only his mobile phone and keys were found a few days later in a boat adrift on the reservoir. The area was searched but nothing else was found.Former attorney general Oleksander Medvedko said on 9 September that his office would take over the case if it was confirmed that it was a murder and if a link with the police was established. Since then it has become clear that Mr. Klymentyev was almost certainly murdered. In view of the probability that local officials were involved, we urge you to assign this case to attorney general Viktor Pshonka.We fear that the lack of progress in the investigation is directly linked to the fact it is under the interior ministry’s supervision. Several incidents in the course of the investigation have led us to doubt the local police’s impartiality in this case. Firstly, we were surprised that the local prosecutor’s office immediately categorized the case as a “premeditated murder” when Mr. Klymentyev’s relatives had simply reported his “disappearance”Secondly, local police officers carried out illegal searches of the homes of Mr. Klymentyev and his lawyer without a warrant, seizing items illegally. At the same time, Mr. Klymentyev’s partner, Valentina Udovenko, was harassed by the local authorities. Finally, the police officer who accompanied Mr. Klymentyev to the reservoir – the leading witness and probably the last person to see him alive – has himself been missing since September. It seems the Kharkiv police, who are handling the investigation, are trying to slow it down if not obstruct it, and are unable to conduct it in an independent and objective manner.We therefore ask you ensure that a full and transparent investigation is finally carried out into Mr. Klymentyev’s disappearance. We above all hope that all those responsible for acts of violence against journalists are punished, a desire that you have also expressed on various occasions. The solving of this crime would represent a major advance in the fight against impunity for those who violate the rights of journalists in Ukraine.It is vital that this case should not end up like the investigation into Georgiy Gongazde’s murder. It would be extremely serious and damaging for Ukraine’s image in the eyes of international bodies and organizations if yet another journalist’s murder went unsolved.We thank you in advance for the attention you give to our request.Sincerely, Reporters Without Borders, Stop Censorship!, Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union, MediafrontTrade Union of Ukrainian journalists and the Committee for the Protection of Ukrainian Journalistsare concerned that the investigation into Novyy Styl editor Vasyl Klymentyev’s disappearancesix months ago has ground to a complete halt without anyone being charged.In an open letter to President Viktor Yanukovych and attorney general Viktor Pshonka, thesefive organizations call on the attorney general to take over the investigation and to conduct itin a thorough and transparent manner in order to ensure that it does not end up like the failedinvestigation into Georgiy Gongazde’s murder in 2000. News UkraineEurope – Central Asia September 7, 2020 Find out more Follow the news on Ukraine News UkraineEurope – Central Asia HE Viktor Yanukovych President of Ukraine 11 Bankova Street, Ukraine, 01220 Kyiv, Tel: +38 044 255 73 33 Fax: +38 044 255 61 61 Organisation News to go further News Jean-François Julliard,Reporters Without Borders secretary-generalStop Censorship! civil movement of journalistsYuri Lukanov,head of the Kyiv Independent Media Trade UnionOsman Pashayev,head of Mediafront trade union of Ukrainian journalistsMykola Zakalyuzhny,head of the Committee for Protection of Ukrainian Journalists RSF_en March 26, 2021 Find out more Ukraine escalates “information war” by banning three pro-Kremlin media Paris, 23 February 2011 Help by sharing this information February 26, 2021 Find out more Dear President Yanukovych,last_img read more

Aquapark Istralandia is bravely vying for the best aquapark in Europe with a new investment cycle

first_imgISTRALANDIA NEW ATTRACTIONS IN THE 2018 SEASON The first Croatian water park Istralandia is entering its fifth year of operation, the number of visitors is continuously growing from year to year, collecting awards and recognitions throughout Europe, and expanding and announcing new investments.By the way, back in 2014 in Istria, the municipality of Brtonigla, the much needed quality content for the whole of Istria was opened, Aquapark Istralandia, which is undoubtedly one of the most important realized projects in the tourist offer of Istria.The investment worth more than 10 million euros was realized by Poreč entrepreneur Branko Kovačić and created over a hundred new jobs. In order to better design the entire project, Kovačić and his associates visited 54 such parks around the world and learned on the spot how they are designed, organized and how they work. Preparations for the realization of Istria took six years, and the Poreč-based company Istrakop built it in a record 10 months.And that good preparation is crucial is proven by numerous awards from the profession and visitors. In the previous business period from 2014 to 2017, Aquapark Istralandia won 15 valuable awards of local, regional, national and international significance, of which the most significant are the title for winning 5th place in the ranking of the best aquaparks in Europe in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and last year’s recognition independent houses of international character Trip Advisor for winning 2nd place in the category of the best aquaparks in Europe, all in competition with more than 300 European aquaparks. This excellent quality property is located on an area of ​​81.000 m23, with 2 magnificent attractions with a total length of more than 5.500 km of pipeline and XNUMX mXNUMX of water surface.The scale was raised high, and the most important thing justified all expectations.”Last year we had over 200.000 visitors, which was above our expectations. This year we expect even better results, since we know that the Istria region is the strongest tourist region in Croatia and already in the current part of the season we have a growth of 10%. After five years of work, I can freely say that we have become a brand, and Istria is heard beyond the borders of Croatia. Last year, with the recognition of TripAdvisor as the second best aquapark in Europe, we made one big step forward, which gave us an extra wind in our backs to go in the right direction. “Points out Silvio Kraljević, head of the Istralandia aquapark.The total investment was 10 million euros, and the investment cycle continues. Already this year, Aquapark Istralandia has invested an additional 3 million euros in the introduction of five new attractions, and further expansion is planned through the construction of accommodation facilities and other various attractions. What is interesting and what shows all the quality of the investor, because to look at quality, long-term, and above all his experience of guests, and not just money. Of course we all work for money, but it is rare to see that an investor really listens to the reactions and needs of guests, and implements them.Proof of this is the already mentioned third third investment cycle on the Istralandia aquapark project, which was based primarily on experiential opportunities and results achieved after the first four years of operation, ie observed “bottlenecks”, and primarily concern the complaints of guests addressed to the company’s management waiting too long in lines on attractions and slides and a small number of sunbathing places or deck chairs in the aquapark.This year we are introducing five new attractions. The investment is about 3 million euros, which is certainly an indicator that we are on the right track because customers want new attractions, and we are here to make it possible for them. We are just getting use permits and in a couple of days we expect the launch of a new attraction to further enhance the offer and raise the satisfaction of our guests, because surveys have shown us the need for new content that visitors are looking for. Says Kraljevic.As it happens too often in Croatia, I wonder out loud: What kind of investor would raise the quality of service and offer from year to year after such an investment, listen to the reactions and complaints of guests and eliminate them. Unfortunately, the realistic picture is that after the initial investment, no additional investment is made for the next 10 years, because only profit maximization is seen, which can often be seen with certain investments in hotel construction. When the hotel opens, there are no more additional costs, only earnings for the next xx years. “A new investment cycle is also planned, which is related to accommodation capacities. We plan to open a modern five-star camp on 22 hectares, we are currently working on conceptual solutions and I expect that the camp will be operational in two years. Kraljević emphasizes and adds that they want to satisfy the interest of potential users within a distance of up to 300 km, which opens a new market that represents the potential of 12.400.000 users (residents within 300 km + tourists staying in the County of Istria).And to listen to their visitors, the following facts speak for themselves.Again listening to the needs of guests, this year they are introducing the possibility of paying with a prepaid bracelet. It is normal that it is inconvenient to be in the park with a wallet and take care of money and documents, and lockers are provided, and now payment by bracelet in catering facilities. Also, as in Istria the camping segment is strongly represented and at a high level, a large part of visitors to Istralandia came from the camps, and they bring with them pets, which are logically not allowed to enter the aquapark. But a solution was found here as well, and a special space for animals was provided, where each animal has its own house and space, free food and water. Also, Aquapark Istralandia is fully (except for slides) adapted and accessible to people in wheelchairs. Parking is completely free, as well as the entire animation program and the use of all attractions and swimming pools. There is even a construction of an elevator in the short-term investment plan, so that guests would not have to carry heavy “tubes” to descend on some slides.It is important to note that the products in restaurants are not some low budget, from beer, juices, sauces, etc.… but well-known quality brands. Of course, this is a certain “cost” and reduces earnings, but not if we look at the quality of the offer in the long run.Marketing and investing in additional content is not a cost, but an investmentUnfortunately, in most cases in Croatia there is still a paradigm that marketing is a cost, not an investment. But not in the case of Aquapark Istralandia. Again in both fields they are more successful, in fact, an example to others and the best proof that this is imperative today.It is not enough just to have a great attraction and everyone will come to you immediately. Maybe at first to some extent because of the attractiveness itself, but if we don’t fulfill the whole experience and meet the expectations, the whole story falls into the water. And we are talking about an investment of 10 million euros.They are very well aware of this in Aquapark Istralandia, and with strong and targeted marketing as well as the highest quality additional content of all aquaparks in Europe, they can largely thank their success and growth in the number of visitors from year to year. “What sets us apart from others are the staff, beautiful horticulture, cleanliness and safety at the highest possible level and the additional entertainment we offer to our visitors that certainly sets us apart from other aqua parks. We have a foam party, a strong animation program, street entertainers, magicians… and it all takes place every day in the aquapark. It is not enough to offer only attractions, an additional experience for users is to enjoy at any time in the animation program that is unique in this part of Europe. Twice a week we have a fun Brass band, ie brass music where scouts descend with instruments on slides and this can only be seen and experienced here. Our customers really appreciate that “Concludes Kraljević and adds that they have a lot of ideas in the plan, but as they go step by step, investment by investment to the final goal of the best aquapark in Europe and beyond.Animation is still seen in our tourism as a “necessary evil” and as a cost, few hoteliers develop animation and use it as a tool to raise the overall satisfaction of their guests, especially when we talk about families with children. Also, as I mentioned, promotion is another strength of Aquapark Istralandia, which does not enter accounting as a cost but as a normal part of the business. From covering the whole of Istria, cooperation with Bina Istra where every guest who comes by car at toll booths receives a flyer about all the information, cooperation with hotels and all other participants in destinations, as well as promotions in targeted foreign markets. Also, in cooperation with the Autotrans group, a direct regular county bus line Poreč (central bus station) -Aquapark Istralandia is provided with stops in Špadići, Červar Porat, Vabriga-Camp Lanterna, Tar, Antenal, Novigrad and Bužinija.Finally, it is important to emphasize and praise the ecological aspect of the whole story. Thus, 90 percent of pool filter waste is recycled and returned to the aquapark’s water system thanks to modern ultrafiltration technology, while only 10 percent of water is lost, controlled and discharged into a biological treatment plant.In every aspect of the business, it is approached studiously, which in the end continues to be concrete results that can be seen at every step. These are the investors that our tourism needs. Those who look long-term, invest in their staff, continuously develop new content, feel the need for local affiliation by helping them, the level and satisfaction of visitors is important to them, and who are constantly looking forward and ultimately developing stably and long-term.When it is known that there are 300 aquaparks in Europe, and in Croatia’s closest surroundings in Italy there are more than 110 aquaparks, the success of Aquapark Istralandia is thus greater, and they certainly deserve all respect and be a case study to all students of economics and tourism. 1.Escape Hole Escape Hole is a water slide that allows a ride that begins with visual effects, goes downhill with a view of the entire aquapark and ends with a magnificent suction into the funnel. The trail will be 123 m long.2.Black KamikazeBlack Kamikaze is an attraction intended for adrenaline lovers. It is a closed water slide that will introduce you to a completely new dimension of speed and adrenaline in a dinghy in a sudden fall. The length of the trail is 107 m.3.Kids Spray Arena For our youngest visitors, we are preparing a colorful children’s empire with interactive water sprinklers and a playroom, where they will be able to challenge other children and parents to a fun competition. The area of ​​Kids Spray Arena is as much as 350 m.4.Family PoolThe Family Pool is located near the Kids Spray Arena, so parents will be able to relax in the pool with innovative hydromassage technology and 4 hot tubs to supervise children playing in the Kids Spray Arena.  or jump in the Kids Jumping Pool. Due to the clear glass, this pool is an unavoidable “photo point”, and its area is 200 m.5.Kids Jumping PoolIn addition to the already introduced possibility of buying tickets through the online store, this year we are also introducing the possibility of paying with a prepaid bracelet. So soon we plan to make it easier for customers to move and pay in our restaurants. They will be able to be comfortable and carefree about their credit cards and the cash that will be waiting for them safely in locked lockers.last_img read more

City leaders want link to MTA runs

first_imgBurbank and Glendale leaders want a public transit link to pass through their cities, connecting the Metro Gold Line light rail to the Red Line subway. The problem is that the project would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and is not even on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s wish list, which is already packed with other higher-priority projects. Fortunately for Glendale, Burbank and a number of other area cities, a new MTA board member will be seated next month, giving them a chance to plug their own transportation needs during the campaign to fill the seat. After seven years on the 13-member MTA board, Lancaster Mayor Frank Roberts steps down in mid-April. A Glendale city councilman and a La Caada Flintridge councilman have already announced plans to campaign for the seat, which represents the MTA’s North County/San Fernando Valley sector, including Burbank and Glendale as well as Lancaster, Palmdale, Santa Clarita and Malibu. “I see a high-speed bus, such as the Orange Line, perhaps being the quickest and cheapest way to get the line going, but the allure of a light-rail (system) can’t be discounted,” Najarian said. But Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s vision of a “subway to the sea” – that would extend the Red Line through the Westside – could cost about $4.8 billion and drain money from projects like high-speed transit through Burbank and Glendale. Meanwhile, the new MTA board member also must address other transportation needs. They include improving the roadway infrastructure around the Palmdale Regional Airport and adding highway and HOV lanes in the north county region, said Michael Cano, transportation deputy for county Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, who is also an MTA board member. Roberts is leaving the MTA board because he is not running for re-election in the Lancaster City Council race April 13, and MTA board members must be elected officials. Roberts said the 12 cities he represents will all look to his replacement to fight for their interests. “This person needs to be known by the cities before he throws his hat in the ring, or it will be a waste of time,” Roberts said. Alex Dobuzinskis, (818) 546-3304 [email protected] 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECasino Insider: Here’s a look at San Manuel’s new high limit rooms, Asian restaurant In the coming weeks, candidates will try to garner support from officials in the area to represent transportation needs on the board. “I think the Glendale/Burbank areas, as well as our entire northern county area, is growing rapidly,” said Glendale City Councilman Ara Najarian. “I think more so than any other part of the county, and we think that to grow in a healthy way and manageable way, we need to increase transit service.” Najarian has served on Glendale’s Transportation and Parking Committee. La Caada Flintridge City Councilman David Spence, who also has his eye on the vacant MTA seat, is on the Southern California Association of Governments’ Transportation and Communications Committee. “The reason that I want to be involved is because I think I can make a difference, because I understand the issues … and I understand how tough it is to fight for the funds that are available,” Spence said. Both Spence and Najarian support the project to link the Metro Gold and Red lines. Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena have come up with a total of $90,000 to study the link, which is envisioned as a subway, light-rail or rapid bus system that would go through Glendale and Burbank and serve the Bob Hope Airport. last_img read more