Quebec Liberal byelection candidate quits race amid harassment claims

first_imgQUEBEC – The Quebec Liberal party candidate for a Quebec City byelection on Oct. 2 has pulled out of the race amid claims that he psychologically harassed employees of a company where he previously worked.Eric Tetrault took his name off the ballot in the Louis-Hebert riding on Wednesday night after spending the day defending himself against the allegations.The Quebec Liberal party — which had rallied behind its candidate — confirmed on Twitter that Tetrault had pulled out, adding it would make no further comment at this time.Montreal La Presse had reported Wednesday that Tetrault was the subject of a psychological harassment complaint while serving as director of public affairs for ArcelorMittal, a steel and mining company.Tetrault acknowledged the contents of the report but told some Quebec City media no formal complaint was filed following the probe.La Presse said the report commissioned by ArcelorMittal’s top brass concluded Tetrault’s behaviour toward women was uncalled for and that he would comment on their physical appearance.It also said he intimidated other employees and was the reason three people took sick leave.Tetrault apologized Wednesday, saying his behaviour was “improper” and admitting to being “abrasive” and a bit “forthright” with members of his team.He said ArcelorMittal executives were under pressure at the time and that he had made the “common mistake” of transferring that pressure to employees.Several Liberal cabinet ministers came to Tetrault’s defence Wednesday and he said he hopes to remain the party’s candidate.Tetrault earlier said he had the support of Premier Philippe Couillard and had discussed the matter with him on Tuesday night.Tetrault is the second candidate to withdraw from the race in Louis-Hebert.Normand Sauvageau, who was running for the Coalition for Quebec’s Future, said Wednesday that he was dropping out after receiving a call from a reporter earlier in the day regarding his early retirement in 2016.“I realized at that point just how essential it is for a candidate in an election to be open,” he said in a statement.“More than a year ago, after a 39-year career, I retired in difficult circumstances in terms of labour relations. When I filed my candidacy, I did not tell the Coalition about important facts surrounding my departure.”last_img read more

British PM Trudeau meet on Parliament Hill to talk trade and terrorism

first_imgPrime Minister Justin Trudeau and British Prime Minister Theresa May are meeting on Parliament Hill as she makes her first visit to Canada.UK PM Theresa May arrives on Parliament Hill #cdnpoli— Cormac Mac Sweeney (@cmaconthehill) September 18, 2017Trudeau says he and May have a wide agenda to discuss, including trade.He says it’s a great opportunity to talk with May ahead of his trip to New York to address the United Nations General Assembly.He says he wants to ensure that Canada’s relationship with Britain remains strong as that country moves to break from the European Union.May says she is pleased to be in Canada and has a lot of topics to discuss – including trade, Trudeau’s efforts on behalf of women’s empowerment and ways to curb the use of the Internet by terrorists.As the two chatted in Trudeau’s office, May chuckled that, unlike some other political visitors lately, she can’t match Trudeau in his trademark use of colourful socks.Prime Minister May signs guestbooks of the Senate & House. Now heading for a one on one meeting with Trudeau before media avail #cdnpoli— Cormac Mac Sweeney (@cmaconthehill) September 18, 2017last_img read more

Lovelorn man pens story of selfdiscovery in ad selling badass guitar

first_imgSAINT JOHN, N.B. – It is a tale of a love grown weary, a journey of self-discovery and the road to recovery for a New Brunswick musician, heartsick over the demise of his nine-year romance.And all of it is told in an emotionally raw sales pitch from Adam Kierstead — a self-described nerd hoping to unload the “badass” guitar he bought on impulse months after his relationship fizzled.The Kijiji ad — which had already garnered more than 3,160 visits by mid-day Tuesday — features a 2008 Gibson Reverse Explorer with pictures showcasing the telltale angular design favoured by metalheads and spandex-clad rockers.Beneath is the forlorn, 770-word story of how Kierstead acquired the used brown guitar and why he decided to part with it.It starts with the couple driving home from Cape Breton last September after a friend’s wedding, when both realize their relationship was sputtering to a halt.“We’d glance over at each other every few minutes, neither wanting to start. Finally, she did,” Kierstead writes. “So are we breaking up or what?” The response: “I guess so.”What follows is a painfully honest account of how Kierstead, a musician in several Saint John bands, coped with love’s loss.In an email to The Canadian Press Tuesday, Kierstead responded to an interview request by saying, “I am already feeling a bit sheepish about the amount of attention my ad has gotten thus far (although it does appear a sale is pending!).”In his Kijiji ad, he describes being forced to stay in “our — now her — home” for weeks after the split.“It became clear almost immediately that she was ‘winning’ the breakup — she was more social, laughing more, killing it at the gym,” he lamented. “But here I was, 32 years old, sleeping on a camping cot in my ex’s storage room while I looked for an apartment. I was miserable.”Kierstead went onto say he had never considered himself reckless or prone to excessive drinking or spending the little money he had in a foolhardy fashion.But, he says when he got a call last October from a local music store letting him know about a used Reverse Explorer that had come in, his self-restraint and presence of mind flew the coop.“I was out the door and in the car in seconds. My opportunity for in-character wanton recklessness had finally arrived,” he writes, explaining the joy he felt upon entering the store and picking up the instrument.“I plugged the guitar in and cackled as I fumbled through a couple of Slayer riffs (I did an awful job). This was perfect. This was just what I needed. I handed over the cash and left with my treasure.”Kierstead, whose Facebook profile picture features the bespectacled musician wearing a plaid shirt and awkwardly holding a gold-coloured cat, said the joy was not long-lived.A year after the purchase, he said his ex was in a new job, settled in with “a kind, gregarious, much-better-looking-than-me man who treats her like gold), and a new cat.”For his part, he said he had moved on, was happy with his own new cat and remained good friends with his former partner, even going for the odd coffee date.Then, he says he was “yanked back to reality” last week when he was out buying some beer for band practice and a man in his 50s said, “Out of my way, nerd.”Stunned, Kierstead said he flashed back to the many times in high school when he called the same thing.“I realized something: I AM a nerd. Yes. Irredeemably nerdy. I can’t play anything as completely badass as a Reverse Explorer in good conscience,” he said of his epiphany.“I have a Duo-Sonic. My amps don’t even have distortion channels, for crying out loud. I have to pass this thing along to someone deserving. It truly is time to move on.”To that end, Kierstead posted the ad listing the guitar for $900, adding that he may consider a trade for a full-size ventless dryer.“That’s mostly a joke, but also some insight into why I’m actually selling this guitar,” he states, ending on a hopeful note.“Thanks for reading. Really, I’m fine.”last_img read more

BCs chief coroner denounces fearbased fentanyl campaign by funeral home

first_imgVANCOUVER – British Columbia’s chief coroner says the agency doesn’t endorse what it calls “fear-based initiatives” after a funeral home launched a campaign to combat the opioid overdose crisis.Lisa Lapointe wrote an article that said although public education and awareness amidst the overdose crisis is important, scaring people from using drugs is not an effective measure in saving lives.Alternatives Funeral and Cremation Services in Langley, B.C., created a fentanyl prevention program in response to the high number of families coming to the chain every month after losing a loved one to an overdose.The chain’s owner, Tyrel Burton, had said in a news release that the company felt compelled to reach teens and young adults before they become addicted.The campaign uses visual aids the company described as “powerful, perhaps even controversial” that includes a poster of a grieving family surrounding a coffin under the banner reading “Will fentanyl be the reason for your next family get-together?”The coroners service has reported that more than 2,000 people have died due to illicit drug overdoses in British Columbia since January 2016.Lapointe said fear-based campaigns tend to increase the stigma surrounding drug use, which can discourage people from seeking help. She said studies in the U.S. have found campaigns to discourage the use of illegal drugs among young people had no positive effects on youth behaviour and may have prompted experimentation with substance use.She said images in campaigns should also be used strategically.“Those with lived experience tell us that images featuring drug paraphernalia can act as a trigger, resulting in the desire to use and causing more harm,” she said.Instead, she said advertisements focused on skills and strategies to cope with a threat are found to be more effective.She said data shows most of those who have died in B.C. were using drugs alone and health authorities and service providers have targeted their strategies accordingly.“In the long run, compassion and support, including prescribed medical treatment where appropriate, will be much more effective in turning this crisis around than fear and shame,” she said in the statement.Alternatives Funeral and Cremation Services did not immediately respond to requests for comment regarding the chief coroner’s statement.last_img read more

New Brunswick promises greater transparency on unexpected child deaths

first_imgFREDERICTON – The New Brunswick government is promising greater transparency when it reviews child deaths.In recent years, the province’s child death review committee has reported its recommendations from investigations into the unexpected deaths of children under the age of 19, but it provided few details — citing privacy concerns.Greg Forestell, the province’s chief coroner, said starting Jan. 1 the reports will include more details, such as the child’s age and whether they were receiving services from the Department of Social Development.“Following consultations with the integrity commissioner and the child and youth advocate, brief anonymized summaries of the circumstances of the death will now be released to the public along with the report recommendations,” Forestell said Wednesday.He said it’s important that the effort to provide increased transparency maintains a level of privacy for the deceased and their families.“I want to point out that child deaths in our province are usually the result of natural deaths or accidental causes,” Forestell said. “Incidents of abuse or neglect causing death do not make up the majority of cases. Overall, the rate of child deaths in New Brunswick is below the national average.”New Brunswick’s child death review committee was created in 1996 following a number of high-profile tragedies.Among them were Jacqueline Brewer, a 28-month-old girl who died in the south end of Saint John as the result of dehydration and neglect, and John Ryan Turner, a three-year-old from Miramichi who starved to death.Norm Bosse, the province’s child and youth advocate, said he welcomes the changes, calling them a step forward.He said getting better information to the public can help put a greater focus on the well-being of young people.“An informed public is a public that can sometimes prevent things from happening, and child deaths just happens to be one of them,” Bosse said.last_img read more

Edmonton police charge two women with attempted murder in child abuse case

first_imgEDMONTON – Edmonton police have charged two women with attempted murder in an abuse investigation involving five children under the age of 10.After receiving a tip from a babysitter last month, police said they checked a house in the city and found the children in a “shocking environment and physical state.”All of the kids needed medical attention, including two who were admitted to hospital with serious injuries.Sgt. Aubrey Zalaski praised the babysitter who called police out of concern for the children.“Her actions are to be commended and we are so grateful that she did the right thing,” Zalaski said Wednesday. “We don’t know how much worse things might have gotten had she not made a report.”Police arrested two women who are known to the children and who were responsible for their care.The women, age 23 and 24, also each face other charges including aggravated assault, abandonment of a child, unlawful confinement and criminal negligence.The 23-year-old is also charged with assault with a weapon and the 24-year-old with duty to provide necessities of life.Zalaski said all of the children are recovering and the two children who were treated for serious injuries have been released from hospital.“All five children have been placed in safe living environments and have received an immense amount of love and support from a variety of people,” he said.Police continue to investigate and are monitoring threats made against the two suspects on social media.Zalaski warned people not to take vigilante action against the women.“We are concerned about some of the comments we have seen,” he said.“Although people may have anger and frustration, it is not acceptable to move into retribution or any type of criminal activity.”last_img read more

Text of statement by Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown

first_imgHere is the text of Ontario Progressive Leader Patrick Brown’s statement to the media Wednesday night.———“Ladies and gentlemen.A couple of hours ago, I learned of troubling allegations about my conduct and character.I’m here tonight to address them.First, I want to say: these allegations are false. Every one of them.I will defend myself as hard as I can, with all the means at my disposal.I can’t speculate on the motive of my accusers, I can only say they what they are saying is categorically untrue.It’s never ok for anyone to feel they have been a victim of sexual harassment or feel threatened in any way.Let me make this clear.A safe and respectful society is what we expect and deserve.We need to move forward to eradicate sexual violence and harassment across the province – across the country. Everywhere.I know that the court of public opinion moves fast. I have instructed my attorneys to ensure that these allegations are addressed where they should be: in a court of law.In short, I reject these accusation in the strongest possible terms.”last_img read more

Canada 150 program results in brain gain for Canadian universities Duncan

first_imgOTTAWA – Last June, Science Minister Kirsty Duncan hung out the “we’re hiring” sign and dangled grants of up to $1 million to try and lure some of the best and brightest international researchers to come to work in Canada.Nine months later, 24 scientists have been given the nod, 10 of whom are Canadians coming home from all over the world.Duncan calls it a “brain gain.”“We’re in a global talent competition,” Duncan said. “All the research superpowers want to pull the best and brightest to their countries.”The Canada 150 Research Chairs program was introduced last year with $117 million, aiming to hire between 15 and 35 scientists currently working abroad.Duncan said “thousands” of people applied, their applications were peer reviewed and 24 have been chosen.She said many of the scientists say the fact Canada chose to celebrate its 150th birthday with a major investment in scientific research was a big reason why they applied.Carolyn Fischer, an economist with a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, had been collaborating with the Smart Prosperity Institute at the University of Ottawa when the Canada 150 research chairs program was announced. She was flooded with people telling her to apply, so she did.“It’s an exciting opportunity,” she said.Fischer’s area of expertise is the environment and economy and she said the University of Ottawa has a developing expertise on it, which makes moving to Ottawa to be part of that appealing. So did the idea of working in Ottawa, where the federal government is in the midst of rolling out a national carbon pricing policy.“There is a bit more going on in climate policy than in the U.S., at least at the federal level right now, so it seems like a good time to swing north,” she said.The United States is the only country in the world not currently endorsing the international Paris accord agreement to cut greenhouse emissions. It signed on under former president Barack Obama, but President Donald Trump says he will pull out of the agreement in 2020, the earliest date any country can withdraw.Fischer was born in Ontario to a pair of computer science professors — one American, one Canadian — then working at the University of Waterloo. She grew up mostly in the United States and has been for the last 20 years a fellow at Resources for the Future in Washington.Duncan has been pushing universities and granting councils to up their game in attracting women to chairs jobs, even threatening not to renew funding for other research jobs at schools that don’t improve their gender ratios. For the Canada 150 research chairs, 14 are women, which Duncan says is a huge accomplishment.Each chair position comes with a grant of either $350,000 or $1 million, for seven years.The 24 researchers will work in a variety of fields including theoretical and quantum chemistry, hydrology, vaccinology and bacterial cell biology, new media and environment economics.They come from across the United States including Harvard University, UCLA, Duke University, and Johns Hopkins University, as well as post-secondary institutions in England, Austria and South Africa. They will take up residence at more than a dozen schools across Canada in almost every province.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version said both Fischer’s parents were American.last_img read more

Parks Canada looks to shine light on cloudy future for historic sites

first_imgOTTAWA – Sunny ways? Not so much at Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s historic home.The small structure north of Montreal has seen a sharp decline in attendance, to 623 visitors in 2016 from about 2,600 in 2011.The same trend is seen at semi-detached homes once owned by Sir George-Etienne Cartier, where the number of visitors has dropped by 67 per cent between 2011 and 2013, marked by a decline in school groups.A similar story also plays out at other historic sites at the centre of recently launched public consultations that, once complete, will produce 10-year plans designed to turn around sagging attendance figures.The consultation documents point to multiple reasons for why people may not be visiting, including being far from tourist areas, having outdated facilities or simply being difficult to recognize.Laurier’s home is 60 kilometres north of Montreal. The historic site dedicated to the Battle of Chateauguay from the War of 1812 is “not an obvious tourist attraction due to its removed location.”Cartier’s buildings are in a “secluded” area of Montreal not frequented by tourists and fight for attention from larger attractions nearby like the Montreal Science Centre: “It is therefore difficult to draw attention to the site and attract visitors in this context,” Parks Canada officials wrote in the consultation document.On the other hand, Ontario’s Niagara region draws millions of visitors annually, benefiting the nearby historic sites that “are more integrated into local tourism infrastructure.”Visitors to the Coteau-du-Lac historic site along the St. Lawrence River sometimes don’t realize where they are, or have trouble navigating the attraction. The consultation on the 10-year management plan closed in May, but a key objective is to redo the “visitor circuit.”The agency is similarly suggesting changes to the visitors centre at the Battle of Chateauguay site southwest of Montreal.The 40-year-old building was designed to welcome up to 18,000 visitors annually, but is now open only three months a year, “incurs exorbitant” heating costs, and needs over $600,000 in repairs: “The centre no longer seems to be the best solution for the national historic site’s success, commemorative quality, or visitor experience.”Each consultation has a number of options being floated to the public about ways to ensure that visits to each site don’t become a thing of the past.Historic sites have tried to boost interest through interactive exhibits and collaboration with the people represented in exhibitions, such as Indigenous Peoples or visible minority communities, said Benjamin Forest, an associate professor of geography at McGill University in Montreal.The idea is to create a personal link to a site, memorial or monument, he said.“Visiting monuments isn’t primarily about learning facts or a historical story. Rather it’s about creating, or trying to create, an emotional connection,” Forest said.Parks Canada plans to spend $23.9 million to integrate Indigenous views, history and traditions into national parks, marine conservation areas and historic sites.Almost 1.3 million people visited all national historic sites between April and June, the agency says. That represents a 14 per cent decline from the same period last year when admission was free for everyone, making comparisons difficult.Last year’s Canada 150 numbers were part of “a unique opportunity,” said Parks Canada spokeswoman Audrey Champagne.“By building connections to these places, we can foster the stewards of tomorrow — people who know and care about these national treasures.”last_img read more

New Brunswick Tory leader drops job offer bombshell during leaders debate

first_imgRIVERVIEW, N.B. – New Brunswick’s Progressive Conservative leader dropped a bombshell during the first televised leaders’ debate of the provincial election campaign, claiming Liberal Premier Brian Gallant offered to hire him as finance minister after the Liberals won the 2014 election.For much of the debate, Gallant and PC Leader Blaine Higgs clashed over each other’s records, largely ignoring the other three leaders on the stage. Higgs then pulled a piece of paper from his pocket.“Brian Gallant rails on about my time as finance minister,” Higgs said. “I find it very ironic that Brian Gallant offered me a position as minister of finance or as deputy minister, and I have a sworn affidavit that says this.”Gallant laughed, but Higgs persisted, saying he chose not to take the job because he felt the Liberal the government was “irresponsible.”The young Liberal premier quickly denied any job offer was made.“Blaine Higgs was not invited to be the finance minister of our government,” Gallant said. “We have no interest in you being the finance minister of this government.”“You’ll swear an oath on that?” Higgs replied.“I will swear an oath on that, absolutely,” Gallant said.An affidavit, later produced by Higgs, states that Gallant made the offer in a series of text messages exchanged after the election in October 2014.Gallant issued a statement later in the evening, saying he did meet with Higgs after the 2014 election to talk about the province’s finances, but he refutes any claim of a job offer.“As I chatted with Blaine Higgs, it became clear that he was indeed the architect of the cuts to education, health care, and infrastructure of his government and in fact he would have cut deeper. Therefore, we did not meet again. At no point did I want Blaine Higgs to be finance minister, at no point did I offer him finance minister, nor did I authorize anyone to offer him finance minister,” the statement reads.It was easily the most surprising part of the 90-minute debate, but there were more sparks when the leaders sparred over language, climate change and the economy.Members of the public and party staff were barred from attending the debate inside the Riverview Arts Centre, but that didn’t help with the decorum.Despite tight controls, it was often a free-for-all, with the leaders talking over each other in an effort to get their points across.On language, People’s Alliance Leader Kris Austin said he’d get rid of language duality in the health and education systems and use the savings to improve service.“It’s only when governments implement ridiculous policies — that causes the tensions among us,” he said. “That’s why we are committed to ending duality. With a $14-billion debt … we would do well to afford one system. Let alone two. These parties will not talk about it … but we cannot take a politically correct, sanitized approach.”But NDP Leader Jennifer McKenzie said duality needs to be embraced.“To open the language debate at this time is counterproductive,” she said. “We need to unite the province, not divide the province.”Gallant said his party’s platform includes providing free second-language training for adults in Canada’s only officially bilingual province.Higgs said it’s unfortunate that language is still a source of debate in New Brunswick. He said poor second-language scores in the schools is the result of politicians constantly changing the curriculum.Green Leader David Coon said both the Liberals and Tories have divided people.“We can’t play favourites,” he said.On the issue of climate change, the federal carbon tax became the target, with Higgs saying the Tories would fight it in court. He said large emitters need tougher regulations.“New taxes aren’t going to fix it,” Higgs said.Austin said adding more tax is not going to address climate change. He said the government needs to help people move to solar, geothermal and other renewable energy sources.The Green party also supports tougher limits on large emitters, but Coon also said there needs to be better public transportation across the province.The parties also squared off on issues facing First Nations, rural communities and pay equity.Higgs repeatedly accused Gallant of making expensive promises that will burden the province with more debt.“The reason our opportunities are being restricted is because money is being blown out the door by promises, expensive promises to buy votes,” Higgs said, raising his voice. “I’ve said I will not do that in this campaign.”At one point in a debate over Indigenous rights, Coon took direct aim at Higgs, suggesting the Tory leader didn’t understand some basic concepts about such a weighty issue.“The Indigenous people are rights holders, Mr. Higgs — not stakeholders,” Coon said as Higgs looked on in silence.“We have a government-to-government relationship with First Nations in this province, and we need to start behaving that way. To suggest that they are simply stakeholders has got to be insulting.”McKenzie also seized on the Indigenous rights issue, saying New Brunswick had to do a better job of making sure First Nations get the help they need.“Right now, they are not getting the same level of service, the same level of health care, the same living conditions. They are struggling. And while we point fingers … they are hurting,” she said.Gallant said his government had taken Indigenous issues seriously, pointing to negotiations to allow the proposed Sisson mine to proceed.The leaders face each other again Friday in English and French-language debates on Rogers TV.At dissolution, the seat count in the legislature was 24 Liberals, 22 Progressive Conservatives, one Green, one Independent and one vacancy.The election is set for Sept. 24.last_img read more

Canadian politicians offer sympathies following Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

first_imgOTTAWA – Several Canadian politicians have offered their sympathies following a mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemning the attack as anti-Semitic.“Canadians’ hearts are with the Jewish community in Pittsburgh today, as they endured a horrific anti-Semitic attack while at prayer,” Trudeau wrote following the attack, which officials say left multiple people dead at a baby-naming ceremony.“May the families of those murdered be comforted, and may the injured recover quickly and fully,” Trudeau wrote in a post on Twitter.Horrified by the mass shooting at a synagogue in #Pittsburgh today. My heart goes out to all those affected. We must stand together against hatred, intolerance, antisemitism, and violence.— Chrystia Freeland (@cafreeland) October 27, 2018Meanwhile, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said he shares “the deep anguish in the Jewish community.“If Canada can help, we will,” he tweeted.Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer wrote that he was praying for those affected.“We must all stand together firmly against anti-Semitism,” he said.On behalf of @FriendsIsrael, we strongly condemn the horrific, anti-Semitic attack on the congregation of The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh this morning. Our prayers are with the victims and their families. We stand united with the Jewish community, always.— Stephen Harper (@stephenharper) October 27, 2018 My heart breaks for the Jewish community in Pittsburgh after the horrific anti-Semitic attack at a synagogue during prayer. Canadians grieve with the families of the murdered and injured. We also stand strong and united against hate and those who promote it.— Jagmeet Singh (@theJagmeetSingh) October 27, 2018Some of Canada’s premiers also weighed in, with Ontario’s Doug Ford saying we must work together to “defeat anti-Semitism and bigotry in all its forms,” and newly minted Quebec Premier Francois Legault calling for people to “unite against hatred and racism.”British Columbia’s John Horgan described the incident as a “deep violation of safety and security.”American officials say one person is in custody, and the FBI is investigating the rampage as a hate crime.last_img read more

Fort McMurray fire showed animal care gaps during natural disasters researcher

first_imgCALGARY — A Calgary researcher says the Fort McMurray wildfire in 2016 showed how pets are often overlooked in disaster planning.Kim Williams with Mount Royal University’s Centre for Community Disaster Research interviewed 32 evacuees, first responders, veterinarians, volunteers, politicians, policy-makers and animal welfare workers involved in Canada’s costliest natural disaster.In a paper released Tuesday, she said a common theme emerged.“Although the risk of wildfire is high in and around Fort McMurray, neither the province nor the (Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo) had a plan for how to manage companion animals during a disaster,” said Williams, an associate professor of women’s and gender studies.Some 88,000 people were forced from their homes as the fire — so fierce and unpredictable it was nicknamed “the Beast” — spread into the northeastern Alberta city. Almost 2,600 dwellings were destroyed.Of the estimated 40,000 pets there at the time, between 1,200 and 1,500 had to be left behind when the whole city was evacuated May 3.Initially, first responders went from home to home providing food and water to animals, but the evacuation lasted longer than expected. A rescue operation began for the critters four days after their humans left, and the first truckload arrived in Edmonton early on May 8.Williams called the first 72 hours of the evacuation a “communications gong show” as people struggled to find out if their animals were OK and how they could be reunited.It’s not clear how many pets died.Williams recommends that an animal welfare expert be included in emergency operations centres during disasters so those concerns aren’t overlooked.She said people she interviewed emphasized that many animal welfare workers are women and they should feel safe and respected in often male-dominated disaster zones.The paper highlights challenges in obtaining and transporting  necessary pet-care supplies during the Fort McMurray evacuation. Williams recommends shipping containers be set up filled with non-perishable supplies such as cat litter at various spots in the province so that they could be easily moved where needed.During the fire, there were also issues with veterinarians being unable to get access to animals’ health records. Williams said she would like to see those records kept in an electronic database.The research found animal caregivers in Fort McMurray were taken aback by how many exotic animals there were. It was hard enough to wrangle all the dogs and cats, but staff were not prepared for all the lizards, birds and snakes that came their way, Williams said.“There’s a problem with animal licensing,” she said. “People need to know that they’re there.” Williams said failing to make animal care a bigger part of emergency planning ultimately puts human lives at risk.“Pets are an integral part of people’s families, and humans will delay or refuse evacuation if they cannot evacuate with their pets or, at the very least, be assured that first responders and emergency management personnel have a well-organized plan for managing those pets that must be left behind,” she wrote.“Spontaneous volunteers will sneak into disaster areas to rescue forcibly abandoned pets for the same reasons.”Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Expedia study finds Canadian courtesy extends to travel

first_imgVANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – We in Canada are known for our politeness, and a new survey has found that politeness extends to travel.A study, led by Expedia, has found Canucks are above the global average in claiming we have done something kind, like helping someone else lift their suitcase into an overhead compartment.Julie Blais-Comeau, an etiquette expert working with the travel company, says the study found some Canadians might even give up a window seat.“One in three said that they would volunteer to switch their seat to accommodate another party that was not sitting together,” she says.More than a quarter of those surveyed said they’ve given tips and recommendations to other passengers.We’re pretty good guests too – more than three quarters say going through a host’s personal items is a big no.Blais-Comeau suggests if you’re jetting off somewhere this summer, consider doing something kind for someone else, like surprising a stranger in line with a coffee or leaving a thank you for a host.last_img read more

Alberta police force defends officers who killed injured deer with knife

first_imgMEDICINE HAT, Alta. — A police force in southern Alberta is defending two officers who killed a severely injured deer with a knife to end its suffering.The Medicine Hat Police Service said the officers were called Friday to a residential area, where they found the deer missing a leg. Two of its other legs were badly fractured, likely after being hit by a vehicle.Police said the officers determined they couldn’t shoot the deer because they were too close to homes. They decided that using a knife was the safest way to quickly euthanize the animal.Medicine Hat resident Denis Bagaric said he was driving to work when he saw the injured deer cross a road and curl up near the door of a house.He said he couldn’t believe police used a knife on the animal.Upset, he shot a video of the officers and posted it on social media.“I thought he was going to pick up the deer and take it to a field or let a vet deal with him,” Bagaric said. “But to whip out a knife and start stabbing it? I think that’s disgusting.”Police said they are aware of the video and agree it is disturbing but stand by the officers.“The MHPS supports the actions of the involved officers, who took the matter very seriously and attempted to mitigate the trauma to the injured deer and the public as much as possible,” the police service said in a statement.Police said the officers tried to warn people in the neighbourhood before they killed the deer. (CHAT News Today, CTV Calgary)The Canadian Presslast_img read more

UFOs roommates and a deer in a clothing shop InTheNews for Oct

first_imgThe Canadian Press In-The-News is a roundup of stories from The Canadian Press designed to kickstart your day. Here is what’s on the radar of our editors for the morning of Oct. 2.What we are watching in Canada …It’s debate night.Four federal leaders will take the stage in Montreal tonight for the first debate to feature Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.Conservative Andrew Scheer, New Democrat Jagmeet Singh, and Yves-Francois Blanchet of the Bloc Quebecois will face off with Trudeau at 8 p.m. Eastern time, in a debate hosted by the private TVA television network and the Montreal newspaper Le Journal.That means they’re spending most of the day preparing, though the Liberals have a campaign announcement featuring cabinet minister Navdeep Bains in Toronto and the Tories have one planned with Scheer’s Quebec lieutenant Alain Rayes in Montreal.Trudeau is planning a visit to a boxing gym for a photo op, and Singh is going on a walkabout at a market, ostensibly to buy snacks for his preparation team.The organizers didn’t invite Green Leader Elizabeth May or the People’s Party’s Maxime Bernier, both of whom are campaigning in and around their home ridings for the day.—Also this …A jury will begin hearing evidence in the trial of a man accused of stabbing an Edmonton police officer and striking four pedestrians with a van.Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, who is in his early 30s, faces 11 charges including five counts of attempted murder, aggravated assault against the police officer and dangerous driving.Two years ago on Sept. 30, Const. Mike Chernyk was on duty outside a Canadian Football League game when a driver crashed through a barrier, got out of a vehicle, pulled out a large knife and began stabbing the officer.A few hours later, the driver of a speeding cube van hit and injured four pedestrians as it raced through the city’s downtown with police in pursuit.The trial in Court of Queen’s Bench is expected to last six weeks.—ICYMI (In case you missed it) …HALIFAX — This change is out of this world.The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a glow-in-the-dark coin that captures the eerie scene more than 50 years ago when what has been officially documented as a UFO crashed into Shag Harbour in southwestern Nova Scotia.The pure silver, rectangular-shaped coins are worth $129.95 each.The colourful image on the coin shows three fishermen aboard a boat, staring and gesturing as four orange lights gleam over a choppy sea.Shine the included black-light flashlight on the coin and the spaceship disappears, but four orange lights remain in the sky, as described by the many witnesses who reported seeing a UFO that night in 1967.—What we are watching in the U.S. …Setting a defiant tone, the Trump administration resisted Congress’ access to impeachment witnesses.House Democrats warned such efforts themselves could amount to an impeachable offence.Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tried to delay five current and former officials from providing documents and testimony in the impeachment inquiry that could lead to charges against President Donald Trump.But Democrats were able to set closed-door depositions for Thursday for former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker and next week for ousted U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.In a Tuesday evening tweet, Trump cast the impeachment inquiry as a coup “intended to take away the Power of the People, their VOTE, their Freedoms, their Second Amendment, Religion, Military, Border Wall, and their God-given rights as a Citizen of The United States of America!”  In fact, a coup is usually defined as a sudden, violent and illegal seizure of government power. The impeachment process is laid out in the U.S. Constitution.—What we are watching in the rest of the world …Hong Kong students are decrying police shooting of a teen protester.It was the first time a protester had been struck by gunfire since the protests began in June and is sure to inflame anger at police, who already were accused of using excessive force against the demonstrators.In a fearsome escalation of violence, Hong Kong police shot a protester in the chest at close range Tuesday, leaving the teenager bleeding and howling on the ground.Hundreds of college students are striking to condemn the police shooting of their classmate during surging violence at Hong Kong pro-democracy protests that marred China’s National Day.Police have said the officer feared for his life and his shooting of the 18-year-old student in the chest at close range Tuesday was “reasonable and lawful.” News reports say he is in critical but stable condition.Students at the Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu memorial college — which the teen attended — called police “murderer” on Wednesday. They chanted anti-police slogans and demanded accountability.—On this day in 1895 …Much of Canada’s Far North was formed into the provisional districts of Mackenzie, Yukon, Ungava and Franklin.Yukon became a territory in 1897.The remaining area was divided in 1918 into the districts of Mackenzie, Keewatin and Franklin, now the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.—Weird and wild …ROME, Italy — You’ve heard of a bull in a china shop, how about a deer in a high-end fashion boutique?It took authorities hours to free a dazed an confused deer that stormed into a clothing store in the fashionable mountain resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy.Local authorities estimate the deer was four or five years old and entered the shop while the attendant was away.The shopping district around the store was cordoned off while veterinarians anesthetized the animal and took it back to the wild.—Your money …Thousands of Canadians move in with new roommates every fall and realize they’ve got a conundrum: How to handle splitting the costs.Done right, dividing expenses with a roommate can alleviate plenty of headaches. Done wrong, it can rip apart friends.Desirae Odjick, a personal finance blogger in Ottawa, says rent is the easiest to split when rooms are the same size. Trouble comes when rooms are different sizes or one has an ensuite bathroom.Unless there are extenuating circumstances where one person uses significantly more water or electricity, she recommends splitting utility fees equally. Odjick considers internet and television a shared resource.Food is one of the trickiest expenses to split with roommate. Odjick recommends roommates only share food if they are really close with their roommate.—Celebrity news …MONTREAL — A judge has ordered Quebec media star Eric Salvail to stand trial on three charges, including sexual assault.The 50-year-old also faces charges of harassment and unlawful confinement involving a single victim, Donald Duguay, now 46.At Duguay’s request, the Crown asked that his name not be covered by the standard publication ban in sexual assault cases.The allegations date back to 1993.Salvail had his own TV production company, hosted a popular talk show on Groupe V Media and was a fixture on afternoon radio in the province.—This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 2, 2019.last_img read more

One Direction To Join Stars For BBC Children In Need

first_imgBBC One has announced that the BBC Children in Need Appeal show returns on Friday 16 November, live once more from Television Centre.Sir Terry Wogan will be joined by Fearne Cotton, Tess Daly plus Nick Grimshaw to host a bigger than ever, spectacular night of musical entertainment, sketches, special features, glitz, glamour and guest appearances.This year’s appeal night will be the pinnacle of a vast range of programming contributing to the 2012 BBC Children in Need campaign. The biggest names in entertainment will come together to support the appeal and help to raise money for disadvantaged children in the UK.The star-studded evening of entertainment will feature music performances from One Direction who kick off the programme, plus Little Mix, Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis, The Script, Paloma Faith, Il Divo and Tim Minchin. Pop superstars Girls Aloud will also reunite live in the studio for the exclusive first TV performance of their much anticipated official Children in Need 2012 single entitled ‘Something New’.“It’s an honour to open BBC Children in Need’s Appeal show again this year and we are so excited about performing on the big night. Children in Need is such an important cause, one which we are always thrilled to support,” said One Direction.“It’s a huge privilege for us to perform the Children in Need official single this year and we’re really looking forward to making our first TV performance of ‘Something New’ on Appeal night. The charity has always meant a lot to us and we hope to raise as much money from the single as possible!” added Girls Aloud.Britain’s Got Talent 2012 winner Pudsey the dog will finally meet his namesake, Children in Need’s own Pudsey bear, for an exclusive dance performance extravaganza.“I am delighted to be able to return to Children in Need this year and support this event,” said Susan Boyle. “It is a fantastic charity that raises much needed funds for children and I would urge everyone to be as generous as possible. I can’t wait to be a part of this wonderful evening, hopefully we can beat last year’s total and raise even more this year!”“It’s a privilege for The Script to be involved in Children in Need in this year,” added The Script. “We will do our best to try help raise as much money as we can on the night for those who need it the most. It’s gonna be an amazing night with a brilliant line-up. So bring your wallets and dig deep.”Around 20 of Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic heroes including Tom Daley, Rebecca Adlington, Louis Smith, David Weir, Nicola Adams and Ellie Simmonds will be throwing shapes in their very own music video set to Basement Jaxx’s ‘Do Your Thing’ – including a special section featuring members of the 3 Day Eventing team: Zara Phillips, Nicola Wilson and Tina Cook dancing the ‘Gangnam Style’.Strictly Come Dancing viewers’ favourites Ann Widdecombe and Russell Grant will return to the dance floor on a wing and a prayer for an unmissable performance with their partners Anton Du Beke and Flavia Cacace.Doctor Who, featuring Matt Smith, will also bring viewers an extra special ‘prequel’ to its Christmas special, with a bespoke storyline made for Children in Need, and an exclusive preview trailer of the Christmas special including the first glimpse of the Doctor with his new companion. There will also be an exclusive preview of the Call The Midwife Christmas special.The BBC Newsreaders, Fiona Bruce, Sophie Raworth and Bill Turnbull, will be pitting their driving skills against each other in a special edition of Top Gear’s ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’. A host of comedy specials will also feature including an exclusive episode of Not Going Out with Lee Mack featuring a cameo appearance from Sir Terry Wogan himself.The action will spread across the country, as presenter and former chorister Aled Jones leads The Choir, which once more unites children across the UK’s nations and regions and leads a 2,500 strong chorus of young singers in an unforgettable performance of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’.Viewers will also get a rare treat as pop princess Kylie Minogue performs reworkings of some of her classic hits accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra, filmed at Proms in the Park in Hyde Park earlier this summer. Also EastEnder Shona McGarty (who plays Whitney) will be singing an extra special number.The evening will feature films highlighting some of the vital work the charity is doing to change the lives of children throughout the UK. Fearne Cotton will introduce an appeal film on bullying and Robbie Williams will help tell the moving story of a family supported by Children in Need through a time of grief. Olympian Tom Daley will front a film about a teenage hero who has been helped by Children in Need and EastEnders actress Nina Wadia (who plays Zainab) meets a little boy whose life has been transformed by Children in Need’s “Friendship Project”.Totaliser updates will be dotted throughout the night to keep viewers up to date with the total amount raised.Sir Terry Wogan, Children in Need Life President says: “Children in Need as ever is graced by the presence of lovely ladies Tess and Fearne, and this year I’ll be delighted to welcome Radio 1’s morning star, Nick Grimshaw, to prop me up as the Friday appeal stretches into Saturday, and we head for what we hope will be another record-breaking total for the people’s charity. Every year of Children in Need is a shining tribute to the extraordinary generosity of the British people.’’Clare Pizey, BBC Executive Producer, says: “This year’s Children in Need is bigger and more ambitious than ever. I am delighted with the spectacular line-up who will come together to help raise money for the children who need it most, plus the fantastic addition of Nick Grimshaw to the presenting team. This is just a taste of what is to come, viewers can look forward to a few more extra special surprises on the night too. We will be asking the nation to call in with their pledges before the night is done, to help make this is an even more successful year for the charity.”David Ramsden, BBC Children in Need Chief Executive, added: “This year’s Campaign is bigger and better than ever and people right across the country are once again coming together to raise thousands that will help change the lives of disadvantaged children right here in the UK.”Broadcast detailsFriday 16th NovemberThe One Show’s Children in Need special BBC One, 7.00pm – 7.30pm, with Matt Baker and Alex JonesBBC Children in Need BBC One, 7.30pm – 10.00pm, with Sir Terry Wogan, Fearne Cotton, Tess DalyBBC Children in Need BBC Two, 10.00pm – 10.35pm, (during the BBC One Ten O’Clock News) with Sir Terry Wogan and Fearne CottonBBC Children in Need BBC One, 10.35pm – time tbc approx. 1.30/2.00am, with Sir Terry Wogan, Fearne Cotton and Nick read more

Uma Thurman Attends Tibet House US Auction

first_imgThis past Tuesday Charitybuzz and Tibet House US joined forces for the fourth year in a row to produce the 10th Annual Tibet House Benefit, at Christie’s Auction House in New York City.Tibet House was established in 1987 at the request of the one and onlyDalai Lama. Tibet House is a non-profit educational institution and cultural embassy; working to promote and preserve Tibet’s unique cultural and spiritual heritage. Tibet House has created numerous things including a cultural center, a 2,000-square-foot gallery, a library, various print publications and media productions. Tibet House serves to expose and share the civilization’s profound wisdom, beauty, and spiritual philosophy through innovative educational and cultural programs. This is all in an effort to protect and continue these treasured arts, sciences, and ways of living.Charitybuzz is a major player in the philanthropy scene; helping nonprofits throughout the world raise funds through exquisite online auctions with the world’s most recognizable celebrities and brands. Charitybuzz also works with musicians, politicians, and major sports stars. Through online auctions, Charitybuzz offers bidders VIP entertainment experiences, luxury travel, couture fashion and rare memorabilia. Charitybuzz brings its online community of socially conscious individual’s an exclusive opportunity to live their dreams and make a difference. Since launching, Charitybuzz has raised more than $65 million for charity globally.In attendance this year were Uma Thurman, Eric Ripert and Arden Wohl who are all Honorary Chair Committee members for Tibet House. Other big names such as Donna Karan, Yoko Ono, Martin Scorsese, Jann Wenner, Trudie Styler and Sting, are also on the committee.This year’s event, which has grown to be a staple on Manhattan’s social and philanthropic calendar over the past decade, once again featured luxury goods, exciting trips, rare items, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and one of a kind art pieces. Some of the items being auctioned were a behind-the-scenes experience with world-renowned chef Eric Ripert on his television show On the Table followed by dinner for two at Le Bernardin; a special menu dinner for two at Bouley in NYC with chef wine selection by David Bouley. A signature journey to Asia for two organized by Geographic Expeditions; a fabulous trip to a few of Bali’s exotic resorts including the newly opened Regent Hotel in Sanur; an exotic journey to the Royal Malewane and the Singita Hotel and Game Park in South Africa; a stay at the award-winning resort Soneva Kiri in Thailand; a week at the luxurious Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos; a relaxing retreat for two at Creacon Lodge in Ireland; a reunion with family or friends in your private villa in Acapulco villa Casa Dos Marias; a weekend for two at The Soho House in NYC;and an adventurous trek in Nepal for two. Bidders were also able to bid on a once-in-a-lifetime internship experience at the Donna Karan Company; an internship at the legendary Rolling Stone magazine and Hollywood magazine US Weekly; a guitar signed by Sting; two VIP tickets to Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2013; two tickets to a red carpet movie premiere at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival; a behind-the-scenes visit for two to the Lou Dobbs Tonight show on the Fox Business Network; a limited edition Star Wars item donated by George Lucas; two audience tickets to The Late Show with David Letterman; a visit for two to the set of the TV show Boardwalk Empire; a walk-on role in a David O. Russell film with actors Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper; a lunch at The Four Seasons in New York City with Robert and Uma Thurman; a behind-the-scenes NYC Fashion Week experience alongside supermodel Petra Nemcova who will bring you backstage and to the runway to see the hustle and bustle firsthand as designers Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel Black Gold and more prepare for Fashion Week shows.In addition to these experiences there was Fashion and Jewelry from Ugo Cacciatori, PaulaCrevoshay, Doyle & Mueser, Mallary Marks, Margo Morrison, Jill Platner, Reinstein/Ross, Me&Ro, Gabrielle Sanchez, Kate Spade and David Yurman. Art and photographs from DonaldBaechler, Danny Clinch, Arthur Elgort, Milton Glaser, Bob Gruen, Sheila Metzner, Angelina Nasso, Ed Ruscha, Patti Smith and Peter Tunney and cultural items from Tibet such as Tibetan rugs, sculptures and ceremonial objects.Tuesday’s benefit brought the launch of the online auction, as well as a flawless Gala. Together, Tibet House and Charitybuzz will be hosting the online auction from November 28th, 2012 – December 19th. This year a portion of the proceeds will be given to The Tibetan Community of New York and New Jersey. Most specifically, proceeds will go to support their new community center in Queens, New York. This program teaches children ages 5-19 Tibetan language, song, dance, painting and Buddhist philosophy. All these efforts are in place to help maintain their cultural heritage. Proceeds will also benefit the Tibetan Children’s Village, an integrated educational community for Tibetan children in exile and those escaping from Tibet every year.Copyright ©2012Look to the Starslast_img read more

Priscilla Presley Remembering Elvis and Their Love of Horses‏

first_imgPriscilla Presley has put her support behind federal legislation to protect horses from lives of constant pain.Priscilla Presley Urges Congress to Pass Legislation to Protect Tennessee Walking HorsesCredit/Copyright: Humane SocietyShe joins The Humane Society of the United States in urging Congress to pass the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act of 2013, H.R. 1518/S. 1406. The bill is critical to ending the cruel practice of “soring” – the deliberate infliction of pain to gaited horses in order to produce an unnatural high-stepping gait for competitions.Presley said: “Over the years, Elvis and I owned several Tennessee walking horses, and I know them to be gentle, graceful creatures. Today, 43 years after the passage of the federal Horse Protection Act that was intended to end the terrible practice of ‘soring,’ these horses continue to suffer at the hands of abusive trainers. I’m calling on Congress to pass the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act to finally end this torture.”Keith Dane, vice president of equine protection for The HSUS, said: “The horse-loving public is fed up with the ‘Big Lick’ subculture of cruelty and deception, and the PAST Act holds the key to bring that abuse to an end. We welcome Ms. Presley’s voice to the chorus of support for the bill, and we urge Congress to act promptly to pass it.”The PAST Act – introduced by Reps. Ed Whitfield, R-Ky., and Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., in the House and Sens. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., and Mark Warner, D-Va. in the Senate – would amend the Horse Protection Act, which Congress enacted in 1970 to stop soring. The PAST Act will end the failed system of industry self-policing, ban the use of certain devices associated with soring, strengthen penalties, and hold accountable all those involved in this cruel practice.Presley adds her voice to a cast of noted horse-loving celebrities and horse industry professionals who previously expressed their support of the bill. Celebrities who have endorsed the PAST Act include: fitness expert Jillian Michaels; pop singer Ke$ha; singer-songwriters Emmylou Harris, Lynn Anderson and Mary Ann Kennedy; actors Wendie Malick, Viggo Mortensen, Kelly Carlson, Loretta Swit, Alexandra Paul, and Dawn Olivieri; television personality Jenna Morasca; and director/author Joe Camp.Horse industry professionals who have endorsed the PAST Act include: top riders Georgina Bloomberg and Karl Mikolka; Olympic equestrians Steffen Peters and Jan Ebeling; natural horsemanship expert and clinician Pat Parelli, horse trainer and author Monty Roberts; trainer, clinician and author Leslie Desmond; host of “Unbridled,” Susan Kayne; and host of “Best of America by Horseback,” Tom Seay.The bipartisan legislation been cosponsored by 244 Representatives and 28 Senators and has the support of a diverse coalition of horse industry, veterinary, and animal protection organizations, including the American Horse Council, American Saddlebred Horse Association, United Professional Horsemen’s Association, American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Association of Equine Practitioners.last_img read more

CNNs Don Lemon To Host ADCOLOR Awards

first_imgADCOLOR welcomes CNN’s Don Lemon as host of 2014 ADCOLOR Live! and the 8th Annual ADCOLOR Awards. Lemon also served as host of the 7th Annual ADCOLOR Awards.ADCOLOR Live! will take place Monday, June 16, 2014, at Time Warner’s Screening Room at One Time Warner Center. The announcement will include the 8th Annual ADCOLOR Awards Honorees and Nominees, the 2014 ADCOLOR FUTURES class and Ms. ADCOLOR. ADCOLOR Live! is presented by CNN and will be live streamed on“The ADCOLOR Board of Directors and the Advisory Board are excited to highlight not only the exceptional achievements but the selfless ways this year’s nominees and special honorees have given back to their respective industries and the world.” says Tiffany R. Warren, Founder and President of ADCOLOR and SVP, Chief Diversity Officer, Omnicom Group. The announcement and live stream will take place at 7:00pm with a post-reception from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.The 8th Annual ADCOLOR Awards and Industry Conference will take place September 17-20, 2014, at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. For more information on the Conference, sponsorship opportunities and registration details, click here.Don Lemon anchors CNN Newsroom during weekend prime-time and serves as a correspondent across CNN/U.S. programming. He has reported and anchored on-the-scene for CNN from many breaking news stories, including the Boston marathon bombing (2013), the Philadelphia building collapse (2013), the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (2012), the Colorado Theater Shooting (2012), the death of Whitney Houston, the Inaugural of the 44th President in Washington, D.C., the death of Michael Jackson (2009), Hurricane Gustav in Louisiana (2008), the Minneapolis bridge collapse (2007) and the George Zimmerman trial (2013). Lemon has won several industry awards, including being named as one of the Ebony Power 150: the most influential Blacks in America in 2009.last_img read more

Mena Suvari To Estonian Prime Minister Ban Fur Farming Now

first_imgAmerican Beauty star and Estonian-American Mena Suvari sent an urgent letter this week to Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas expressing her support for a bill introduced in February by parliament members to ban fur farming in the country by 2028.Her letter follows a recent survey that found that 69 percent of Estonians do not support breeding and killing animals for their fur. Politicians will cast their votes on the bill on May 9.“I was thrilled to learn that 14 members of the Estonian Parliament have proposed a bill to ban fur farming,” writes Suvari. “I urge Estonia to join other countries — including Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Slovenia — in taking a stand against cruelty to animals by banning fur farms.”Animals on fur farms are often given no veterinary care, and investigations of fox and fur farms in Estonia have revealed that animals are confined to filthy, cramped cages and suffer from festering, open wounds and eye infections.PETA — whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear” — notes that there are currently as many as 50 fur farms in Estonia, and the largest one holds 150,000 minks and 20,000 foxes. The total number of animals destined to be turned into human outerwear each year is around 200,000.last_img read more